Monday 29 January 2024

FARMERS protests - Germany, Italy, France ...


MASSIVE protest from the German farmers. Tractors lined up as far as you can see.

SHARE - The media is hiding the true scale of the protests👇




Now it’s the Italians turn to unite behind their Farmers against the 'Communist' Globalist coop, whereby they seek to bankrupt them in order to capture their land & livelihoods to bring it under state control. Support the Farmers - they feed us 👏


🇫🇷 Meanwhile, in France: Farmers continue to battle the globalist attack


❗️Macron uses armored vehicles to stop the advance of French farmers towards Paris.


The gendarmerie's armored vehicles are being deployed to the largest agricultural market in Paris ahead of an anticipated protest by farmers threatening to block food deliveries to the capital. The globalists are starting to get scared!


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