Sunday 28 January 2024

Messianic Israelis have brought from a farm in Texas 5 red cows. Bemjamin Emanuel ...

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Khaled Said Al-Thaher: 

"Holy red cow...!!!

Messianic Israelis have brought from a farm in the state of Texas in the US 5 red cows. 

These cows have reached the condition and age specified for slaughter and sacrifice. 

During the next 2 months, it will be slaughtered, burned, and purified with its ashes (according to their belief) in preparation for entering Al-Aqsa Mosque to demolish the Dome of the Rock. 

As a result, a major intifada would occur in the West Bank, so Israel withdrew about 100,000 soldiers from the Gaza Strip and its environs.

It also distributed about 100,000 weapons to settlers in the West Bank. It allowed all soldiers and security personnel to accompany and carry their weapons when they are off duty, and it also allowed every adult Israeli citizen in all areas of occupied Palestine to obtain a license to carry weapons." 

End Quote: My opinion - 

"Trump is supported by Texas. Texas has won on the razor wire border issue beating President Joe Biden. 

All in Gaza are neutralised. It's building up to be a catastrophe. 

Trump will win with Bibi's help & he will take us to war in Iran. 

SCOMO is now being paid by an American company connected to Trump. 

It is probable the former Prime Miinster of Australia - who would have been read into all Australia's National Security secrets.. Scott Morrison WILL tell Trump. Australia will be a push over. Kevin Rudd on record called Trump the most destructive President in American history - he was right. Kevin Rudd, former PM of Australia, currently Ambassador in USA - is now trying to back peddle he is so FRIGHTENED of Trump. 

Trump, together with his supporters, will get rid of The Labour Party & put another Liberal pro Israel in power - like Peter Dutton. Woe betide the world. " Trump is a revengeful narcisist. 

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The three brothers — Ari, Rahm and Zeke — attended summer camp in Israel “including the summer following the June 1967 Six-Day War.”

Allegedly, Ari Emanuel is homophobic and racist.

Allegedly, Ari Emanuel “allowed a friend to operate a pornographic website out of Endeavor's offices”.

The father of Ari, Rahm and Zeke Emanuel is Benjamin Emanuel, who immigrated to the US from Israel.

Benjamin Emanuel was active in the Irgun, a Zionist Paramilitary Group.

What is the real purpose of the WWE and UFC, purveyors of sexualised ultra violence, body fascism, illegal substance promotion, misogyny, casual racism and nationalism/social division?

Are they purely entertainment spectacles to rake in the gold from young male audiences?

Or do these ‘sports promotions’ also exist to promote a Zionist agenda to youth — debasing Western culture by glorifying the nihilist un-values of ‘sex, drugs and rock n’ roll’ (or fame, fortune and violence)?

Nothing in this life matters but ‘winning’ at all costs; making as much money as possible no matter the ethics; owning more glittering ’stuff’ than the next man or woman; achieving and maintaining a physically attractive appearance at all costs; having as many disposable sexual partners, fake friends and business partners as necessary for the purposes of self-aggrandisement; and achieving and maintaining fame & celebrity by any means, and at any price.

Selling America and the world a vision of a culture without meaning or hope, a vision of ennui, self-loathing, and inevitable decline?

It’s the WWE and UFC way?


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