Friday 5 January 2024

Derek Draper: Kate Garraway’s husband dies after long Covid battle aged 56

Lord Mandelson’s former researcher, Derek Draper, has died, reportedly.

Derek Draper was last seen in public two months ago, in October, attending the wedding of Jeffrey Epstein’s friend to Reinaldo Avila da Silva.

Of Reinaldo Avila da Silva, “it was once reported he’d enrolled a witch doctor to put a hex on his partner’s political enemies in a ceremony involving the slaughter of a live chicken.”

Psychotherapist Derek Draper was 56.

Reportedly, he’d been suffering from multiple health issues after first being hospitalised “with covid” (as the expression goes) in 2020.


At 5 January 2024 at 08:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Retired. Dead my a@#£.

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