Friday 5 January 2024

Blame the government's rainmakers?

Lots of rain and flooding? 

Blame the government's rainmakers?

5 January 2024 UK weather: disruption across road and rail network in England and Wales with hundreds of flood warnings in place

The government wants to persuade you that there is global warming?

RAF rainmakers 'caused 1952 flood'

Unearthed documents suggest experiment triggered torrent that killed 35 in Devon disaster

'On August 15, 1952, one of the worst flash floods ever to have occurred in Britain swept through the Devon village of Lynmouth. Thirty five people died as a torrent of 90m tons of water and thousands of tons of rock poured off saturated Exmoor and into the village destroying homes, bridges, shops and hotels.

The disaster was officially termed "the hand of God" but new evidence from previously classified government files suggests that a team of international scientists working with the RAF was experimenting with artificial rainmaking in southern Britain in the same week and could be implicated.

Squadron Leader Len Otley, who was working on what was known as Operation Cumulus, has told the BBC that they jokingly referred to the rainmaking exercise as Operation Witch Doctor.

His navigator, Group Captain John Hart, remembers the success of these early experiments: "We flew straight through the top of the cloud, poured dry ice down into the cloud. We flew down to see if any rain came out of the cloud. And it did about 30 minutes later, and we all cheered."


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Lord Mandelson’s former researcher has died, reportedly.

Derek Draper was last seen in public two months ago, in October, attending the wedding of Jeffrey Epstein’s friend to Reinaldo Avila da Silva.

Of Reinaldo Avila da Silva, “it was once reported he’d enrolled a witch doctor to put a hex on his partner’s political enemies in a ceremony involving the slaughter of a live chicken.”

Psychotherapist Derek Draper was 56.

Reportedly, he’d been suffering from multiple health issues after first being hospitalised “with covid” (as the expression goes) in 2020.

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Robert Deutsch on FB posts predictions of the outcomes of engineered weather. He accurately predicted 4 days before the once in 1,000 year flood that occurred in Australia's east coast. The explanation he showed - I of course checked on the BoM radar link - & I could SEE the radar beams so quick that I had to be on my metal to screen shot a couple as proof. Robert claimed the Scott Morrison govt. was doing this to flood the transport roads to stop antivax & anti face mask & lockdown protestors. 2 weeks before 100,000s had camped on Aust. Parliament foreground. Including a couple of my friends. He said animals would be washed down the rivers & they were. And the roads became impassable. So far Robert has been correct. Our recent tornado Gold Coast, has required 750,000 trucks to remove 90 football fields 2 M high of green debris. Killing birds, koalas etc. We needed those trees. This is his FB

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