Friday 5 January 2024

Jeffrey Epstein's Lawyer Alan Dershowitz vs Douglas Murray

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Douglas Murray standing in for Piers Morgan. Alan Dershowitz being interviewed and in full denial mode.

Operation Cover-Up in full swing.


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Jewish hedge fund manager Glenn Dubin was first person Ghislaine Maxwell told Virginia Roberts Giuffre to have sex with, unsealed Jeffrey Epstein files allege


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Note that the Zionist-captured political class and Mainstream Media is STILL protecting the likes of Lady (‘Mossad’?) de Rothschild and Lord (‘Mossad’?) Mandelson: producing far fewer (and ‘tamer’) news items about the two of them, in comparison to the number and ferocity of items dissecting their alleged ‘captives’ like Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton.

But, then, the latter have long outlived their usefulness, so can be usefully sacrificed along with other washed-up has-beens ?

While the reputations of the former remain important to Mossad and its foreign friends, so the pair — in terms of their alleged roles in the Epstein/Maxwell
conspiracy — remain largely OFF LIMITS to savvy editors, commentators, politicians, top cops and prosecutors.


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