Friday 22 December 2023

Strategy of tension in Prague?

Student David Kozak, 24, has been named as the PRAGUE killer by local police.

"Horrified friends of the dead man said: 'I remember him as a trainee from the camp and from the tourist section. He was friendly and up for every joke.

"'After school, he focused on himself and started playing a lot of sports. On that occasion he met his future wife.

"'This summer he talked about how happy he is in his life. He said he had a beautiful wife, a child and more on the way. What else could you wish for. He looked happy."

Prague killer who left 15 dead in university gun rampage

There is a suspicion that Israel may have a link to what might be a False Flag attack in Prague?

Hamas operative David Kozak named as mass shooter at Jewish hotspot in Charles University Prague. He left a manifesto and there was a Hamas movement at the uni.


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Strategy of tension in Prague?

We have a huge shooting at a university in Prague, at least 15 dead and 36 wounded

Quasi-professional massacre by young 'lone gunman' with a sniper rifle, allegedly 24-year-old David Kozák, now dead

"His inspirations were Ilyaz Galyaviev (he committed a shooting in the Kazan Russia gymnasium in 2021, killing 9 people) and Alina Afanaskina (committed a shooting at a Bryansk Russia school on December 7)."

Kozák's 'online diary' is in Russian, on the Telegram social media ... and his 'inspirations' are two Russian mass shootings ... the 'diary' speaks especially of the age 14 girl Alina who did the Bryansk school shooting two weeks ago -

"Alina became the last point. It was as if she had come to my aid from heaven just in time ..."

The emotional diary in Russian, points to either the shooter, or whoever staged this, having Ukrainian or Russian roots, tho media are not mentioning this

Many Ukrainians have been in Czechia since 2014 when troubles began in Kiev, and Czech companies and gov't were making it easy for Ukrainians to work

A typical Ukrainian is as likely to be a native Russian speaker as a Ukrainian one, mentally in a 'Russosphere' world


At 22 December 2023 at 02:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information. Can you imagine the confusion and head scratching caused by this incident if he hadn't left a manifesto????

Nobody would know what drove a seemingly normal young chap to buy a heavy calibre weapon and munitions with a telescopic sight and stand if it wasn't for the manifesto. Sniper rifles are so easy to come by these days.

As he was stationary for long periods with this extremely heavy weapon, I wonder why the unfortunate incident wasn't concluded earlier. The gentleman concerned seems to be melanin deprived and doesn't fit the Christmas killer colour scale.

The Prague Christmas market is pretty much on the other side of the Charles Bridge. I'm surprised that he didn't 'manifesto' that instead. In this day and age it could be considered a wasted opportunity.

Police said he was a high-achieving student with no prior criminal record and that he acted alone.

Merry Christmas

At 22 December 2023 at 05:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

No point in 'banging' on about a manifesto without including the obligatory grainy, shaky, rubbish footage of 'nothing whatsoever to see' being released by the Po-Lies.

Perhaps tomorrow we can include the passport found at the scene.

A side note, however, the weapon was allegedly a ZEV-30 assault rifle (albeit suped up a bit). Might play a bit into the 'let's ban guns' narrative in the US. Gives the Demon-Rats something to moan about.


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