Wednesday 20 December 2023

Biden posing with Zoë Baird,

A photograph of Joe Biden with Tara Reade, a woman Biden claims he "never met" who has accused him of sexual assault?

It is actually a photograph of Biden posing with Zoë Baird

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Biden accuser Tara Reade sues FBI

“Former US Senate aide Tara Reade, who has accused US President Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her while serving as a senator, filed a civil rights complaint against the FBI on Wednesday.

“Reade’s attorney says the federal government sought to intimidate and harass her during and after the 2020 election campaign.

“In a complaint sent to the Office of the Inspector General of the US Department of Justice, Reade called for an investigation of FBI practices that ‘target Biden family whistleblowers for exercise of their First Amendment right to free speech’ …

“In a letter to the DOJ … Levy described how the FBI … allegedly began an ‘operation’ against Reade after April 2019 ‘in order to silence and surveil her and if possible falsely arrest her for criminal activities’.

“At the time that the purported FBI probe began, Reade had just made public that Biden, then a US senator, had allegedly subjected her to a ‘violent sexual assault’ on the Capitol grounds in 1993.

“Though she had reported the incident through the proper channels, her case was ‘suppressed by Congressional investigators to protect Senator Biden and the records sealed’, according to [Reade’s lawyer] …

“Earlier this year … [Reade] sought political asylum in Russia …”


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