Thursday 7 December 2023

ROGER WATERS: ‘When I called for peace, the Israeli audience fell silent’


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ROGER WATERS: ‘When I called for peace, the Israeli audience fell silent’

“Former Pink Floyd lyricist Roger Waters told how after he called for peace with Palestine during a concert in Israel, his audience suddenly fell silent …

“… [He] told how in 2016, he canceled a concert after learning the venue in Israel’s Hayarkon Park was built on Palestinian graves …

“[He] ‘moved the gig to an agricultural community where they grow chickpeas’ …

“During the concert … ‘I said now then, you are the generation of young Israelis who must make peace with your neighbors’

“[The] audience quickly went from enthusiasm to silence, he recalled.

“Waters also described his impression of visiting the Israeli-occupied West Bank a year [later].

"The absolute disdain and disgust with which me — with a British passport in an UNRWA (UN agency) vehicle — was treated by all the young Israeli border guards.

“‘And I remember thinking … if they acted like that to me, what must be they be like to the Palestinians?’

“Now, he said, ‘of course, we know exactly what they're like to the Palestinians, because they are, as we speak, committing genocide in Gaza’ …”


At 7 December 2023 at 02:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't people have any cojones and call Israelis and non-Israeli Zionists racists in public? You know, appeasers of genocide like Danny Cohen, Zoe Strimpl and the entire team of Daily Jewishgraph prostitutes.....


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