Thursday 7 December 2023

BBC's Esther Rantzen - Bloodoaks Farm

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Bloodoaks Farm, in Bramshaw by Wych Green, was for many years Rantzen's country retreat. It's where she reportedly took child actor Ben Fellows as a minor for a party filled with sex and drugs. Rantzen recently announced that it's now her full-time home. The area is intriguing.

Rantzen once enjoyed a playful photo op with her fellow ‘Jewish’ BBC star, Jimmy Savile.

Savile dedicated his life to sexually assaulting and trafficking children, allegedly for VIPs

But Esther Rantzen has insisted she had no idea that her ‘Jewish’ BBC colleague was leading a double life, saying: “We all blocked our ears to the gossip".

Rantzen had a relationship with the 'allegedly paedophile' MP Nicholas Fairbairn in the 1960s, who it is said preyed on underage boys at the Elm Guest House.

Haroon Kasir, who co-owned the southwest London ‘child brothel’ in question, used to boast that he was friends with Jimmy Savile and that Savile visited him at the property.

Shy Keenan is categorical that she told Rantzen about allegations against Jimmy Savile.

Rantzen claims to have absolutely no recollection of hearing this information.

Esther Rantzen is pictured with Virginia Bottomley, whose own close associates included Sir Edward Heath, plus Heath’s longtime close friend Peter Mandelson.

Virginia Bottomley’s husband, Peter Bottomley, has said that reports linking him to raping boys at the Elm Guest House are untrue.

Virginia Bottomley served on the NSPCC’s ‘Stop Organised Abuse’ board with, among others, Sir David Frost, Paul Dacre of the 'Zionist' Daily Mail; Neil and Christine Hamilton, who were found not guilty of rape; and the former BBC chairman, Lord Michael Grade.

Lord Grade, who is Jewish as well, was controller of BBC One.

Lord Grade said he had “fleetingly” heard rumours about ‘Jewish’ Jimmy Savile at the time, adding: “There were question marks, certainly.”

Nevertheless, Grade has insisted: “I never heard anything that gave me cause to think we should investigate or do anything about it.“

Lord Grade has since teamed up with Harvey Proctor, Sir Cliff Richard and the son of the late Zionist politician, Greville Janner, to launch the pressure group ‘Falsely Accused Individuals for Reform’ (‘FAIR’).

According to FAIR, those of its supporters who have been accused of sexual offences are, in fact, completely innocent of raping and assaulting children.


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