Friday 24 November 2023

‘Israel is a terrorist state that represents death’, says son of Israeli general


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‘Israel is a terrorist state that represents death’, says son of Israeli general

Miko Peled “[is] the grandson of a signatory to the Jewish state's 1948 Declaration of Independence …. [His] father served as a general in the Six-Day War …

“‘If you have a supremacist ideology … then you must use violence. You must have an apartheid regime for this racist ideology to be realized. That is the Israeli state,’ he said …

“‘… Zionists and then the state born from this movement declared war on the Palestinian people. In this war, we saw ethnic cleansing, genocide policies, and a racist apartheid regime’ …

"’Palestinians are exposed to terrorism every day.

“‘You don't know whether you will be beaten or killed while walking on the street, whether your children will be safe going to school, whether your house will be demolished, whether your brothers will be taken or abducted and disappeared by the Israeli army or Israeli intelligence,’ he said …

“Pointing out that in Western media there is a tendency to condemn Hamas in every comment on the conflict, Peled said: ‘It is absurd to condemn those who emerged to resist, people who have been under pressure for so long … The Palestinians' response to greater violence that has been going on for more than 75 years has mostly been non-violent’ …

“‘If there is something to condemn, it is to condemn the apartheid regime. It is necessary to condemn the violence, brutality that Palestinians face every day, the thousands of Palestinians being arrested and killed in the West Bank while we speak, the racism practiced by Israel against Palestinian citizens.

“‘It is necessary to condemn the Israeli doctors who signed the petition approving the bombing of hospitals in Gaza …

“‘Israel represents everything we know is bad.

“‘Calling for support for Israel means more death, more destruction, more racism …

“‘This is a war against peace and justice …’”


At 25 November 2023 at 02:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ted Rall, Unz Review:

'Ethnic cleansing with the goal of annexing Gaza is the only plausible explanation for Israel’s behavior since Oct. 7.

According to the United Nations, 45% of the housing stock in the Gaza Strip has been destroyed. Over 1.5 million out of a total population of 2.3 million are “internally displaced,” i.e., homeless and living on the streets.

A leaked internal Israeli government memorandum touts “a unique and rare opportunity to evacuate the whole Gaza Strip in co-ordination with the Egyptian government.”

In a replay of 1948 [the Nakba], the Israeli government refuses to guarantee a “right to return” home after the conclusion of military operations.

The Gaza Strip is now an unlivable hellscape filled with piles of rubble covering thousands of dead bodies. Rotting bodies hasten the transmission of nasty diseases like tuberculosis and cholera, hepatitis, tuberculosis and HIV, and ruin ground water supplies.

War keeps killing people years after “peace” returns. Rubble is dangerous. Bombs and unexploded ordnance must be professionally cleared away, a process that takes years, even decades.

After Oct. 7, the IDF dropped flyers over northern Gaza ordering the population to evacuate south, most people complied.

Now a second round of leaflets is falling, ordering people to flee from the southeast to the southwest in preparation for IDF carpet-bombing. What’s southwest? The Rafah border crossing into Egypt.

Once the Gazan refugees are massed against the gates of Rafah, Israel will open the border. Palestinians will stream into and across the Sinai Peninsula in search of where they might have some sort of future. Egypt President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi sees the Palestinianization of the Sinai as inevitable.

Israel would annex Gaza. They’d clean up the debris, cart away the rubble, and transform Gaza into luxurious seaside resorts and vacation homes.

Forcing the population of Gaza to flee by destroying the territory’s infrastructure is the war crime of ethnic cleansing.'


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