Wednesday 29 November 2023

Israel, British and Commonwealth Association

At 29 November 2023 at 15:08 , Anonymous said...

A sad announcement by the Israel, British and Commonwealth Association (IBCA)

“Due to the sad and difficult times we are currently experiencing” — (Israel’s genociding of the Palestinians)—
the Balfour Dinner has been postponed until February 1st 2024.”

The Guest Speakers will include:

Ed Balls, the Zionist Friends of Israel supporter, Bilderberg attendee, and Co-Chair of the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation.
Last month, Balls’ wife, Yvette Cooper, gave an “outstanding speech” to the Labour Friends of Israel Conference Fringe, and is predictably set to become Britain’s next Home Secretary.

— and former Israeli president Yair Lapid.

At 29 November 2023 at 15:15 , Anonymous said...

ICBA goes on to boast that “many prominent people” have addressed the annual ICBA Balfour Dinner, which marks the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.

Johnson and Janner

These past Speakers have included:

Boris Johnson, whose wife Carrie works for ‘Oceana’.
Ghislaine Maxwell hosted a 2008 cocktail party for Oceana’s board at her townhouse on East 65th Street. Carrie’s father worked at The Economist for Lady Lynn de Rothschild — the ‘Christian Zionist’ protege of Dr Henry Kissinger who sold Jeffrey Epstein, at a huge discount, the Manhattan townhouse in which they installed Ghislaine.

Sir David Frost, who was involved in a cult which practiced ritual sexual abuse .... according to clients of the late Dr Joan Coleman, and whose details were listed in Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘black book’.

Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Leon Brittan’s cousin, who as past Chair of the Intelligence & Security Committee had oversight of MI5 and MI6.

Lord William Hague. The hill-walking partner, close friend and house-guest of the late Leon Brittan, the Jewish Zionist whom we associate with the Elm Guest House, the alleged importing of child pornography, the alleged rape of a student, the alleged ‘burying’ of a dossier on VIP paedophiles, and other alleged horrors. Hague was once photographed larking and grinning with Mossad’s Jimmy Savile.

Lord Peter Mandelson, 'a very close friend and business associate of Mossad’s Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.' Now an advisor to Britain’s prime-minister-in-waiting, Sir Keir Starmer.

At 29 November 2023 at 15:21 , Anonymous said...

Lord Jacob Rothschild, whom abuse victim Maria Farmer recently drew in connection with alleging that the Rothschild clan were Ghislaine Maxwell's "protectors".

Hannah Rothschild, daughter of Jacob, whose close friend Lord Mandelson was intimately involved with Mossad’s Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.

Daniel Taub, Israel's former ambassador to the UK, whom media allege "had sexual liaisons with minors", and then became “director of strategy and planning at the Rothschild Foundation” under Lord Jacob Rothschild.

Dame Shirley Porter, the former Leader of Westminster Council when it was the ultimate landlord of Dolphin Square, where her Tory councillors were allegedly active in a VIP paedophile ring that reportedly also included Conservative cabinet members, Tory lobbyists, and at least one prominent Liberal.

Her son, John R. Porter, has strong links to the Israeli Military establishment.

Lord John Mann, the career Zionist who had a starring role in ‘Operation Midland’, the Intelligence-managed psy op that sensationally ‘exonerated’ those VIPs alleged to have raped children at Dolphin Square and the Elm Guest House, etc.

— former Mossad chief Efraim Halevy.

and Israeli president Isaac Herzog.

Lord Michael Levy.

IBCA’s Honorary Committee has included:

Lord Greville Janner, the 'allegedly child-raping' close friend of Uri Geller, Michael Jackson, David Blaine and Lord Paul Boateng. In 2016, British lawyers were representing at least 20 individuals who say Lord Janner sexually assaulted them.

Matthew Gould, 'who from 1994-1997 worked on child sex trafficking rings in Manila as an employee of the British Foreign Office'.

Lord Michael Levy, the immensely powerful Zionist who bankrolled Tony Blair and New Labour, allegedly for Mossad.

Lord Levy has been described by The Jerusalem Post as “undoubtedly the notional leader of British Jewry” … 


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