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Sir Cliff Richard with Jane Krivine, former director of the Hampstead and Highgate Festival.

1. According to South Yorkshire's Chief Constable David Crompton:

The police investigation into Sir Cliff Richard has "increased significantly in size" since its inception and involves "more than one allegation".

Sir Cliff Richard police probe

In 1992, a Mr Charlie Ronce, reportedly 'a liar and fantasist', convinced the editor of a tabloid newspaper that Sir Cliff Richard had become a Satanist at a ceremony in 1957. 

Ronce introduced one of the newspaper's reporters to 67-year old Reggie Painter, supposedly a former High Priest of the Willesden Satanist Chapter, who claimed to have presided over the ceremony in Highgate cemetery (next to Hampstead).

Within hours of the story being printed Sir Cliff's lawyers started legal proceedings for libel and thousands of copies of the newspaper were recalled and pulped.

Cliff Richard with Yuri Geller who has been linked to MOSSAD-CIA MIND CONTROL.

2. Harry Webb, aka Cliff Richard, was born in India, a top recruiting ground for MI5.

His mother, Dorothy Marie Dazely, came from a military family.

His father, Rodger Webb, used to cane young Harry. 

Young Cliff Richard (Harry Web) top left.

In 1948, Harry and his family moved to London.

Harry's father got a job with Thorn Electrical Industries (EMI) "a key member of Britain's military intelligence establishment."

Young Cliff (Harry Web) top right

By the 1950s Harry Webb was renamed Cliff Richard and was trying to become the UK's Elvis Presley.

Harry was involved with the entrepreneur Harry Greatorex, Norrie Paramor, the TV producer Jack Good, and members of the Kosher Nostra.

Cliff Richard with Winston Churchill's close friend Lord Boothby, who reportedly was involved with child sex rings for the elite.. JIMMY SAVILE, THE KRAY TWINS...

In 1959, Cliff's group landed an EMI recording contract.

EMI, 'a key member of Britain's military intelligence establishment', has been linked to mind control.

Savile, EMI, mk ultra, eric woolfson, darren burn

When people are mind-controlled they are given several personalities, such as sex slave, ardent Christian, assassin...

In My Life, My Way, Cliff writes:

"It was as if I was becoming a different character - almost like the mild mannered Clark Kent ... 

"The moment I put on the pink jacket ... I was Cliff ... and when I came off the stage I went back to being a shy little boy..."

In 1965, Cliff travelled to the USA to make music with Billy Sherrill in Nashville, Tennessee.

Cliff appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show.


3. In 1921, in London, the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was set up to study the 'breaking point' of humans.

Kurt Lewin

In 1932, Kurt Lewin, a German-Jewish psychologist, became the director of the Tavistock Institute, at Tavistock Square in London.

He studied the use of terror to achieve mind control. (Cached )


Sir Cliff Richard reportedly owned a company, Blacknight Ltd, which was registered at Tavistock Square, where the 7/7 bombings took place.

Full list of current and 6 past directors / Thecolemanexperience - Mossad's links to Filthy Britain


4. Billy Graham, who has Jewish roots, and 'whose conversion techniques are akin to mind control', seems to have had a strong influence on Cliff Richard.

Cliff Richard became a strong supporter of Israel.

The security services like to grab handsome young boys and mind control them - to turn them into assassins and sex slaves.

Above we see a 9 year-old recruited by ISIS, which is reportedly run by Mossad and its friends.

Billy Graham

In 1964, Cliff became an active Christian.

He made appearances with the Billy Graham crusades.

Billy Graham is linked to the CIA and CIA brainwashing.

"In 1992 ... Billy Graham said that we should 'embrace' this 'New World Order'."

(Christianity & The NWO Part II /

Kathleen Sullivan "was raped by Billy Graham". Website for this image "Mind-control survivor Kathleen Sullivan has written an astounding book..."Sullivan says she was abused and raped by ... Billy Graham, among others." (Mind Control, Slavery, and the New World Order)

"When Billy Graham's family migrated to Turtle Island, they arrived with the name Frank, being related to Jakob Frank; then they changed to a Scottish name, Graham.

"Billy Graham's daughters lived in Israel and his son fought for Israel in the 6-day war."

( :: View topic - MK ULTRA/CIA/Freemasonry..Was It ...)

"Mind-control survivor K. Sullivan says she was abused and raped by Billy Graham, among others."

(Mind Control, Slavery, and the New World Order)

Billy Graham and Cliff Richard. "We know that Billy Graham is serviced by ... sex slaves." Mind Control

"Billy Graham has been built up to be the most respected and popular person in America.

"Who wants to find out they have been deceived?"

The Deception of Billy Graham Fritz Springmeier

Billy Boys

"In 1952, in Paris, Billy Graham and another evangelist had dinner with two prostitutes and each one took one of them home. 

"See Frady, Marshall. Billy Graham, A Parable of American Righteousness. Boston: Little, Brown & Co., p.169-170. 

The film Expresso Bongo, which starred Sir Cliff Richard

"In 1954, the man who ran security for the Sacramento Crusade saw a high-priced hooker sneak into Billy Graham’s room prior to him going out for the Crusade. 

"Billy Graham and this high priced hooker were alone together in the room."

Undetectable Total Mind Control.

They conned the public.

Billy Graham told the American people that we need to embrace the New World Order.

The Deception of Billy Graham / Fritz Springmeier

"When Billy Graham had his 1954 Crusade, large sums of the money came directly from people in the 'Illuminati', the Whitneys, the Vanderbilts, the Rockefellers, and Chase Manhattan."

Billy and his dear friend Cliff.

"Billy Graham’s family when they originally came over to this nation were of the Frank family which is related to Jakob Frank... 

"Billy Graham’s daughters have lived in Israel, and Billy Graham’s son fought with the Israeli army in the Six-Day War...

"Billy Graham is part of the people who implement the Monarch program (which was a joint Illuminati/CIA total mind control program). 

"We know that he is serviced by Monarch sexual slaves (their kitten alters). 

 Jimmy Swaggert would disguise himself with sun glasses...

Billy Graham said that he "often attends love-ins and rock festivals incognito by putting on a false mustache and beard." 

Chicago Daily News, Dec. 29, 1969.

Undetectable Total Mind Control .... / Fritz Springmeier

As a youth, Billy Graham was turned down for membership in a local youth group because he was "too worldly".[10]

Billy Graham, chatting up a young boy. Graham has Jewish roots.

Billy Graham is linked to the CIA and CIA brainwashing.

"In The Deadly Deception, by Jim Shaw, an ex-33rd degree mason, ... Shaw relates how Graham was present at his ceremony initiating him into the 33rd degree. Only freemasons are allowed to attend these ceremonies."

(The Unholy Alliance - Christianity & The NWO Part II/Http://

5. What kind of person is Sir Cliff Richard?

How much of the gossip is fantasy?

Cilla Black (above) is 'Positive' Cliff Richard Is Innocent

Boy George

In 2010 there was "shock as Sir Cliff Richard tours with Boy George"

"Sir Cliff Richard is to go on a 12-city tour of Germany with Boy George, who was jailed last year for assaulting a male escort."

Boy George was sentenced to 15 months in jail for falsely imprisoning a male escort by handcuffing him to a wall and beating him with a metal chain.

When Cliff did his Wellington gig he opened the concert by telling the crowd, "Good evening Auckland''.



"Sir Cliff... allegedly once lived with the black male calypso singer Cy Grant...

"Sir Cliff ... was also named by the Kray twins as one of Lord Boothbys 'bum-boys'...

"The Krays were well known for controlling a large number of pretty boys who were lent or rented out to homosexuals in the entertainment and political worlds."

"When Cy grant died in 2010 a man was escorted away from the funeral claiming loudly that he and cliff Richard were abusing young lads..."


Lord Boothby and a young Cliff Richard

"Sir Cliff has never once replied to any criticism that he allegedly entered the profession as a male prostitute, although rumours persist that many performers have refused to share a stage with him in the past.

"The Metropolitan police have security cameras trained on the Chelsea army barracks and have also allegedly complained unofficially of Cliff Richard’s car number constantly being flagged up on numerous occasions as Sir Cliff was rumoured to be trying to chat up the soldiers."

Cliff and his mother.

Sir Cliff's grandfather was a bigamist.


In 1949 Cliff's father (above) obtained employment in the credit control office of Thorn Electrical Industries (EMI), which reputedly had connections to MI5.

Cliff Richard's friend Jill Dando was murdered.

 Cliff Richard was a friend of Jimmy Savile.

Tony Blair's friend Cliff Richard (left) with Sir Jimmy Savile, who allegedly supplied young boys to the elite for sex.

6. "At a big London railway station in the spring of 1970, a plastic carrier bag was found in the regular search for bombs before the station closed for the night.

"The contents were an odd assortment of letters and photos, which seemed to have been taken at a kinky party attended by some well-known figures in entertainment.

"One in particular showed a pop singer who masquerades under a Christian persona; dressed in women’s underwear he was pictured with young boys.

"The bag was duly taken to the station office and, as a senior rail worker wrote out a report for the lost property office, two MI5 men and a special branch officer arrived and demanded the photos."

T Stokes

In 1976, Cliff became a "rock" artist.

In 1986, Richard was involved in a five-car crash in West London.

Cliff has a Portuguese home which is near to where Madeleine McCann disappeared,

In 1995 Cliff became Sir Cliff Richard, joining other famous knights such as Sir Jimmy Savile, Sir Cyril Smith and Sir Bob Geldof.

In 2009, Cliff said: "I was the only one who didn't spit or swear or sleep around. I didn't do drugs. I didn't get drunk. I didn't indulge in soulless sex."[63]

Cliff and boys from Brazil

Cliff Richard is a lifelong bachelor.[69]

For many years he shared his main home with Bill Latham.[80][81]

Cliff has spoken of his friendship with John McElynn, an American former missionary whom Richard met in 2001 on a visit to New York.[86]

In 2008, Cliff said: "John now spends most of his time looking after my properties, which means I don't have to. John and I have over time struck up a close friendship. He has also become a companion, which is great because I don't like living alone, even now."[71]

Cliff has escaped from corrupt England, where pop stars allegedly visited a child brothel called Elm Guest House.

In 2010, Cliff confirmed that he is no longer a resident of the United Kingdom and had been granted citizenship by Barbados.

He still has a house in Sunningdale, Berkshire, in the UK.[94]


For over 40 years Cliff has been an active supporter of Tearfund, a Christian charity.

Cliff has made a number of overseas visits to see their work in such countries as Uganda, Bangladesh and Brazil.

7. Pop star Cliff Richard was a close friend of the BBC journalist Jill Dando.

In 1999, Jill Dando was murdered by a professional hitman outside her home in Gowan Avenue in London.

She was murdered by a man of Mediterranean/Israeli appearance.

Jill Dando and Cliff Richard

Jill rarely visited her home in Gowan Avenue.

Only a handful of close friends and relatives could have known she would be there on that particular day.

Reportedly, Jill was investigating a pedophile ring involving the top people.

Cliff Richard was interviewed by the police investigating the shooting.

Why was Cliff Richard interviewed by Jill Dando murder police...

Kate's doctor Alan Farthing and the murdered BBC presenter Jill Dando

Alan Farthing was part of the medical team responsible for the birth of Kate and William's new baby, Prince George.

Alan Farthing is the Queen's Gynaecologist.

Alan Farthing was the fiance of the BBC TV presenter Jill Dando.

Cliff Richard was a close friend and confidante of Jill Dando.

Savile and William's mother Diana.

Jill Dando's BBC colleague Nick Ross is married to Sarah Caplan the cousin of Jimmy Savile's friend Esther Rantzen.

Caplan and Rantzen founded the controversial charity called Childline.

There has been speculation that the murder of Jill Dando is linked to "a VIP paedophile ring which was operating within the BBC and in the Elm Guest House and various children's homes."

More here: Jill Dando, Jimmy Savile, BBC paedophiles, Cliff ...

Lord Longford.

8. In the 1970s, Lord Longford, friend of the child killer Myra Hindley, compiled a self-funded report into pornography.

Lord Longford invited Sir Jimmy Savile and Cliff Richard to join him on a wide-ranging tour of sex industry establishments, including strip clubs in Copenhagen.

Cliff Richard, Jimmy Savile, Lord Longford, Myra Hindley

Former UK prime minister John Major and Cliff Richard.

The Longford Report, in 1972, was a best-seller.

It contained a long account of sex and sadism in a boys' boarding school:

‘Sometimes the prefects did a lot of the whipping; at other times they made the third-year boys do it as well, or the second-year boys whip the first years and the first years whip each other.’

Cliff Richard and Tony Blair

9. Cliff Richard is close friends with 'war criminal' Tony Blair.

Tony Blair has spent time at Cliff's villa (above) in Barbados.

So, who is Cliff Richard working for?

Is this a clue?

Cliff Richard and Jimmy Savile.

Sir Jimmy Savile had links to Israel and high-ranking members of the Israeli Government and military.

Media Connect Missing Children to Elm Guest House.

Sir Cliff has been linked to the boy-brothel, the Elm Guest House.

Was Princess Diana murdered because she knew too much about the top pedophile rings?

Some people believe that the security services run the pedophile rings.

The London police and the UK security services reportedly have links to Israel.

Thecolemanexperience - Mossad's links to Filthy Britain

London police unit, SCO19, were reportedly trained by the Israeli police force.

There seems to be a connection between the Kosher Nostra and pedophile rings?

Margaret (Oppenheimer) Hodge, MP, reportedly helped cover up the Islington child abuse ring, yet was made Children’s Minister by Israeli-loving Tony Blair.

Hodge’s nephew, Phillip, was with the McCann’s in Praia de Luz when Madeleine disappeared.

Sir Cliff Richard lives not far from Praia de Luz.

Jeffrey Epstein paid under-age girls for sex.

He has been linked to Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell - daughter 'Mossad agent' Robert Maxwell, Ehud Barak, Bill Clinton, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, Lord Mandelson...

Jeffrey Epstein "was once presented with three 12-year-olds from France as a birthday gift."

Sir Cliff Richard's villa in Barbados.

10. Cliff Richard, who is said to be worth $75 Million, has a villa on Barbados.

Among the people who enjoy staying on Barbados are Simon Cowell, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Elton John.

Jeffrey Epstein has his own private Caribbean island, Little St James.

Ian Fleming used to bring his gay friends to Jamaica.

UNICEF study warns of pedophile rings operating in Barbados.

Cliff Richard in Israel

Cliff Richard loves Israel.

The daughter of Cliff's close friend Billy Graham is going to Israel "next week as a part of the Christians in Solidarity with Israel trip."

American Evangelical Christian Leaders Plan Solidarity Trip to Israel

Cliff Richard. A 'humble' ambassador for Valletta, Malta.

The Cliff Richard police officers, who searched his home, may be disciplined over an alleged 'witch hunt'.

Boys from Gozo

A pedophile ring for top British people operated on the island of Gozo (Malta).

According to a leaked 1993 report, by the Hereford and Worcester Social Services Department:

An elite pedophile ring was involved in "the organised abuse of young boys" and the "trade" in young boys on Malta and Gozo.

The "elite paedophile ring" included over 20 prominent members of the British parliament, the judiciary and religious figures.

Cliff Richard (Times of Malta)

The report was leaked by Peter McKelvie, the former child protection manager, who wrote the 1993 report.

Peter Righton

During the investigation into the UK government adviser Peter Righton, correspondence was uncovered relating to a top pedophile ring in Gozo and Malta.

Sweden and Norway were also mentioned in the letters.

'That evidence of the abuse carried out in Gozo and Malta is stored at the West Mercia Police HQ.

'There are seven boxes of evidence of a powerful paedophile network.'


McKelvie says: "We still don’t know who gave the order to shut down the original police investigation...

"The decision to shut it down is likely to have been taken by Michael Howard and/or Virginia Bottomley. 

"Howard was Home Secretary at the time, with overall responsibility for policing, and Bottomley was Health Secretary, with overall responsibility for children’s homes and social work"

Evidence of 'organised abuse' and 'trade' of young boys in Gozo resurfaces

Above we see Cliff and John McElynn

Above, we see Michael John Carroll.


Above we see a Jill Dando murder suspect

Above we see Alan Farthing, Jill Dando's partner.

Above, we see Cliff Richard on the child-abuse island of Jersey. / Jersey child abuse link to Islington, London.

Above we see Cliff in Sri Lanka.

UK government adviser Peter Righton is said to have visited the Bryn Estyn children's care home in Wrexham, which was used as a boy brothel by the elite.

Paedophile at centre of historical abuse inquiry 'visited children's homes around ... / aangirfan: Bryn Estyn .

Cliff Richard's home (above) is in Sunningdale, in Berkshire.

Barry George, at 14, attended the publicly-funded Heathermount boarding school in Sunningdale, Berkshire, for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

CyberSalon / Barry George

Barry George was falsely blamed for the murder of Cliff Richard's friend Jill Dando, who was reportedly investigating top pedophile rings.

Above we see Cliff Richard at St Johns School, in Berkshire.

Above, we see Cliff Richard on the child-abuse island of Jersey.

Above, we see Cliff Richard in the TV soap called Coronation Street.


Above, we see Davy Jones in Coronation Street.

Above, we see Davy Jones and the organiser of pedophile rings, Sir Jimmy Savile.



Certain Christian churches are involved in mind control.

Butterflies are a symbol used in mind control.

Cliff is a friend of Tony Blair.

Cliff Richard and Lord Boothby

11. The 'friends' of the rent-boy-loving Lord Boothby included:

1. Cliff Richard

2. The pedophile Jewish gangsters called the Kray Twins, who ran a pedophile ring.

In 1969, Ronnie Kray wrote: "John, I had a very nice letter from Cliff Richard." 

3. The rent-boy-loving MI5/KGB agent Tom Driberg

Tom Driberg, rent boys, Aleister Crowley, the KGB and . / MYSTERIOUS MICK JAGGER

4. And the 'gay Jew' Winston Churchill, who like holidays in Morocco.


Above we see Lord Boothby, gangster Ronnie Kray and Ronnie's friend Leslie Holt.

Lord Boothby and Ronnie Kray.

Above, we see Tom Driberg and Lord Boothby

Lord Boothby and Ronnie Kray.

According to biographer Francis Wheen: Driberg was a regular at Ronnie Kray’s flat, where 'rough, but compliant East End lads were served like so many canapes'.

The Kray Twins were linked to:

1. The American Mafia

2. Christine Keeler, who helped bring down the government.

3. And presumably to Mossad and its friends.

Cliff Richard keeps dangerous company.

Historian Tony Tony Gosling writes that the UK child abuse scandal raises disturbing questions about the UK's top people.

Tony Gosling

Among the points made:

1. It has become clear that organizations like the NSPCC (National Society for the Protection of Children) have actually been the perfect 'hiding place' for nests of abusers.

The NSPCC also runs the national Childline support phone service for the abused which some believe may also have been compromised.

Theresa May

2. Sir Peter Wanless was chosen by UK Home Secretary Theresa May to head an inquiry into the police losing evidence of child abuse.

Wanless is the chief executive of the NSPCC.

Previously, Wanless was permanent secretary to cabinet minister Michael Portillo.

There are the persistent rumours about Wanless' close friend and confidant Michael Portillo being allegedly involved in a Westminster sex scandal himself.

Cliff Richard pictured with pupils during a surprise visit to Binley Park School, Coventry, while performing at Coventry Theatre in 1976

3. Rumours circulated in 1994 that Portillo and another government Secretary of State, Peter Lilley, had got sexually involved with gay footballer, Justin Fashanu.

Fashanu reportedly threatening to “bring down the government” by leaking evidence of these affairs to the Daily Express.

When MI5 allegedly threatened Fashanu, Tory MP Stephen Milligan, a part-time journalist, is said to have weighed in on the footballer's behalf.

Within days, however, Milligan was found hanged in his London flat, naked, with an orange in his mouth in an apparent suicide, made to look like he was a sexual deviant. Several years later Fashanu was also tragically found hanged, this time in a garage in Shoreditch, London.


Judy Garland and the UK's Kray Twins (Another Nickel In The Machine - 2).

4. Brussels has also been the scene of the most horrendous child abuse.

Back in 1996, the arrest of Marc Dutroux in Belgium eventually led, eight years later, to his 2004 trial for the murder of four young girls he had imprisoned as sex slaves for the rich and powerful.

The Dutroux scandal has many of the characteristics of the Westminster scandal: A judicial cover-up, initial reluctance of the press to take it seriously, persistent police inaction and diligent police officers being inexplicably removed from the case.


Senator Stuart Syvret 

5. Exactly the same perversions of the course of justice have been seen in several child abuse inquiries in the UK, including the Jersey inquiry where campaigning Senator Stuart Syvret and police chief Lenny Harper were both removed from their posts.

Jersey child abuse link to Islington, London...

Cliff Richard lent his house in Barbados to Tony Blair, friend of Jimmy Savile and Margaret Hodge.

Michael Portillo and Malcolm Rifkind.

The TruthNews website reported:

"Sir Malcolm Rifkind known as 'Malcolm the p***' is chairman of the British parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC), which oversees MI5, MI6 and GCHQ - the most important position in the UK intelligence community."


Sir Malcolm Rifkind is the cousin of Sir Leon Brittan.

'Marjorie Robertson'

According to the Daily Mash (which some compare to the Onion):

Fans of Sir Cliff say that a 1976 pop song, Devil Woman, was about Marjorie Robertson, an alleged Satanist.

Devil Woman is real, say Cliff Richard fans

'Senior fan' Jane Thompson said: "Devil Woman is not the product of some songwriter’s imagination, she is a real person. 

"She was born Marjorie Robertson in Yeovil in 1954. 

"By the age of 21 she had become a full-time satanist and Lucifer’s most trusted minion in the South West...

"Since 1976 we have been engaged in a secret battle for the soul of Britain...

"And now Devil Woman has escalated this conflict once again with these baseless accusations. We must hope and pray that the police and judicial system are able to resist Marjorie Robertson’s powerful sexuality."


Cliff Richard has been spotted in Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, in Florida 

How safe is Florida?

Roger Dean Kiser-Founder of "The Whitehouse Boys" (

In Florida, at the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys, children were sexually abused, tortured and murdered.

Florida School for Boys US CHILDREN RAPED

Green Isle Boys Ranch

Young boys were reportedly raped at the Green Isle Boys Ranch which operated in Clermont Florida.

Green Isle Boys Ranch was run by a large organisation called Bridges of America.

Sexual Abuse Allegations Lead to Shut Down of Green Isle ... / Bridges of America


Melvin Floyd Sembler, former United States Ambassador to Italy, founded Straight Inc., which ran drug treatment centres for children.

According to Dr. Bruce K. Alexander of Simon Fraser University: "I believe that Straight's treatment can be fairly compared with 'brainwashing'..."

Mel Sembler's Unauthorized Biography

"This was torture - there was deliberate degrading and humiliating treatment, sexual abuse..."

Melvin Sembler's Legacy of Abusing Children

Paul Bonacci in front of the ranch where, reportedly, Johnny Gosch, and other boys were held captive. Paul was kidnapped by the US military and tortured and mind-controlled to turn him into a sex slave.

1. Reportedly, there are "pedophile farms and ranches like .... Green Isle Ranch in Central Florida - operated by ... Bridges of America...

"Rick Scott, Charlie Crist, Jeb Bush and his father and brother have taken money from Mel Sembler (founder of Straight, Inc.,) who is the grand daddy of organized children's abuse facilities...

"'Officials' work so hard to lie and cover up the sex abuse reports of children in these so called facilities like Dozier School; Green Isle Boys Ranch; and, YSI (Youth Services International)."

Dozier Second Grave Site Theory Gains Traction April 15, 2014

According to the former Nebraska senator John DeCamp, the charityCovenant House was used to acquire children for the purposes of child abuse. COVENANT HOUSE

2. "Researchers say ... the Green Isle Boys Ranch was owned by the Don Brown Family who control numbers of Florida Department of Corrections vendors under various Bridges of American corporations...

"The locals around the old Green Isle Ranch have claimed for years to have heard about boys being taken by well connected men to Lake Louisa State Park’s cabins on Lake Dixie..."

Dozier Second Grave Site Theory Gains Traction April 15, 2014

Throughout the UK, children's care homes have reportedly been used as child brothels by the security services. CHILD ABUSE; EARLS SCHOOL; KINCORA ...

3. "APRIL 7, 2014 - Last week, Governor Rick Scott held a fundraiser at the home of Pinellas County based developer Mel Sembler.

"Over the course of the past two decades Sembler, his family and his companies have donated over a $1,000,000 to the coffers of various Florida Republicans or the RPOF...

"In 1976 Mel Sembler founded Straight, Inc. which evolved into a nationwide ring of houses of horror - sex abuse of the children."

Dozier Second Grave Site Theory Gains Traction April 15, 2014

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" Ringo couldn't do a drum roll to save his life "

' Words such as "rock" in relation to music sounds, "teenager," "cool," "discovered" and "pop music" were a lexicon of disguised code words '

Tina Foster ( interwiev:

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There's a "Black Knight" gamepiece in Dungeons & Dragons,

Information from

"A Black Knight is a leader of the forces of evil. Often found amongst the ranks of necromancers, they learn how to raise the undead to aid in their conquest of the light ... Religion: Any evil deity ... Knighthood: A Black Knight must be knighted ... A Black Knight must show no mercy in combat and must strike to kill ... A Black Knight must exact revenge for slights against them"

* Sir Cliff was knighted by the queen in 1995.


"In business, a white knight is a friendly investor or savior, while a black knight is a destroyer."

"JRR Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings created the nine Nazgûl, described as Black Riders or Dark Riders. They are supposed to be noble men who fell to the evil power of the One Ring becoming wraiths bound to the Dark Lord Sauron."

"Batman is often referred to as 'The Dark Knight', because symbolically he is a modern-day version of a black knight. As an outcast, he works anonymously for a greater purpose, and is known to go against authorities should his mission necessitate it."

"Sega’s Sonic Team transforms King Arthur into 'The Black Knight' as a result of corruption from his immortality-inducing scabbard of Excalibur given by the Lady of the Lake in the Arthurian influenced Sonic and the Black Knight"

"The Black Knights in Robin Hood, the BBC series, are a secret organization formed by the Sheriff of Nottingham for the purpose of overthrowing King Richard."


To summarize, in mythology a Black Knight can be:

1) A leader of the forces of evil

2) A nobleman who fell to an evil power / follower of an evil deity

(3) A destroyer

(4) A person who has been corrupted

(5) An outcast who works covertly for a greater purpose

"Cliff Richard used the pseudonym 'Black Knight' to promote a remix of his 1998 single Can’t Keep This Feeling In to radio stations which might not otherwise have played his records, with only limited success."

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For your information…

'Charlie Ronce' is old school cockney rhyming slang for 'ponce'.

So this is obviously a pseudonym, or prank name.

At 26 February 2015 at 02:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quoted in article: "When Billy Graham's family migrated to Turtle Island, they arrived with the name Frank, being related to Jakob Frank; then they changed to a Scottish name, Graham."

And Jakob Frank, of course, is not just some Jewish guy, mentioned just to show that Graham had "Jewish roots", but the founder of the heretical Jewish Frankist sect, related to the earlier heretical Jewish Sabbatean sect. Both cults are known for their secretive and deceptive posing as being of other religions and for their inversion of morality. Rumors of Sabbatean wife swapping and Frankist orgies are perhaps not so shocking today, but could this inversion of morality include child molestation?

"Shabbatean-Frankist Articles/Links"

Rabbi Marvin Antelman "To Eliminate the Opiate"


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Who is Phil Ackrill? One of the fake Paul McCartneys, allegedly.

It really is astonishing how everyone is connected and how much BS and lies we have been fed about who these people are. And it's international!

Another amazing occurrence is the constant involvement of a particular tribe.

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Excellent research and reporting.
You can only put this out, and others can follow.
Job, well done.
Very impressive.
But like any newspaper, you must persist and insist.
Once is not enough. Good editors know that, and I suspect you do too.
Again, excellent research and reporting. Admirable.
Ref: SOCA. They knew that investigations would be stopped when it became 'politically embarrassing'.
It's hard for a good copper to see and know, and be stopped because the most guilty have control and money.

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Here's the official Christchurch Primary School channel on Youtube. They're very media-savvy and, from all outward appearances, look like normal teachers. Who knows the truth?

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The videos seem to be from:
Christchurch Primary School
Wellesley Road

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Sembler and the Bushes, Dozier. That should just about scotch ol' Jeb for 2016.
Can't shake the feeling that some part of this perfected global conspiracy is eternal, or at least very long-lived.
Satanic masses, child sacrifice, cannibalism.
Don't know if this figures, but I tried to post these the other day on my sites and they were continuously removed-

I found the reference to the tooth formation, indicating obligate carnivores, most instructive

At 26 February 2015 at 14:19 , Blogger Greg Pearson said...

I forgot to add to the previous-
look at HW Bush's skull-
and that of Edmund Rothschild-

At 26 February 2015 at 14:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Konstantin Petrov: 'This is a terrible mechanism"….

At 26 February 2015 at 19:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right. I should've looked up the address first. My bad.

At 27 February 2015 at 02:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Biblical Era, beginning about 6000 years, is coming to a close".

Anything but, it is being fulfilled: A strong delusion, a great falling away, moral collapse, WW3 (1/3 mankind destroyed), Antichrist beast system of control from rebuilding of Solomon's temple, finance through mark in skin (a chipped race), world government (with Jerusalem as Supreme Court), then Second Coming, Christ's millennium rule aka the ultimate depends how careful you are in your search for truth.

I think Christianity in decline would be fair comment but "the Biblical era" never ends.

"Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away." Mat.24.35

At 27 February 2015 at 02:16 , Blogger Charles Edward Frith said...

I met Lord Boothby's former chauffeur driver lives in Pattaya where he confirmed to me that Boothby was a child rapist. Also Andrew Lloyd Weber tried it on with Ben Fellows and this is on record in his Youtube interviews.

At 27 February 2015 at 04:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Introduced by Cilla Black Cliff Richard | Don't Forget To Catch Me 1969

At 27 February 2015 at 08:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The similarities between Aleister Crowley and Barbara Bush, Mother of Poppy Bush, Father of Walker Bush are striking.

At 24 March 2015 at 09:59 , Blogger Spike1138 said...

"Occultic symbolism may give additional insight into the true meaning - Psyche is the word for both “soul” and “butterfly” coming from the belief that human souls become butterflies while searching for a new reincarnation.

Some ancient mystical groups, such as the Gnostics, saw the butterfly as a symbol of corrupt flesh. The “Angel of Death” (remember Mengele?) in Gnostic art works was portrayed crushing the butterfly. A marionette is a puppet that is attached to strings and is controlled by the puppet master, hence MONARCH programming is also referred to as the “Marionette Syndrome.” "

At 15 August 2015 at 15:51 , Blogger psychedeligoat said...

"Little Children"
(Schuman and McFarlan)

Little children
You better not tell on me
I'm tellin' you
Little children
You better not tell what you see
And if you're good
I'll give you candy and a quarter
If you're quiet like you oughta be
And keep a secret with me

I wish they would go away
Little children
Now why ain't you playin' outside
I'm askin' you
You can't fool me
'Cause I'm gonna know if you hide
And try to peek
I'm gonna treat you to a movie
Stop your gigglin'
Children do be nice
Like little sugars and spice

You saw me kissin' your sister
You saw me holdin' her hand
But if you snitch to your mother
Your father won't understand

I wish they would take a nap
Little children
Now why don't you go bye-bye
Go anywhere at all
Little children
I know you would go if you tried
Go up the stairs
Me and your sister
We're goin' steady
How can I kiss her
When I'm ready to
With little children like you around
I wonder what can I do around
Little children like you

At 7 March 2016 at 22:12 , Blogger Unknown said...

Cliff is part Indian. His mother was Anglo Indian.

At 26 June 2018 at 20:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boy some of those Cliff videos are very creepy! The man is now nearly 78 years old and suing the the BBC/police for "gross invasion of privacy." The countersuit charges that his profiting (books,movies,records)from his celebrity matters. No one seems to be able to provide proof of that of which he is charged. The court might be rule in his favour but not as much as it did with Charlotte Church or Hugh Grant.

At 24 July 2018 at 14:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What have you got on Michael Ball or Russell Watson? Both have hung out with Cliff but probably neither is so clean cut. All three are consummate professionals.


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