Sunday 5 November 2023

Infiltrated, captured, controlled and coopted

Jews being burnt.

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UK government ‘separating children from parents in Gaza’

“The government has been accused of separating British children in Gaza from their mothers after it was revealed that citizens without passports had been left off its safe passage list.

“The names of British citizens allowed to leave Gaza for Egypt via the Rafah crossing have been added to a list but, some have said their dependants have not been included by the Foreign Office.

The policy contrasts with the decisions made during the evacuation of Ukraine, when any family member of a British citizen would be provided with a visa, a group representing them said.

“‘We have been in touch with organisations and lawyers who work to support people who have a right to come to the UK through different visa schemes.

“‘They have been quite clear that *** British Palestinians are being treated very differently to people fleeing the Ukraine conflict ***’, said Louise Harkin of Support Families in Gaza …”


Like all the other infiltrated, captured, controlled and coopted Western states, the UK is, has been, and will continue to be, an eager collaborator at every stage in the Greater Israel project.

In point of fact, the U.K. is one of the most ultra Zionist states in the world.

No change is remotely possible until the masses in the Anglosphere and Europe wise up, or the US — backed by the Western allies — somehow is toppled by China as the world’s superpower and arbiter.

Which seems a prospect most unlikely to occur anytime soon. (And even if it ever *did* come about, expect only a new kind of hell. And probably a worse kind, albeit not necessarily for Palestinians as such. See Xinjiang, Tibet, and reeducation camps for a taste of the alternative New World Order, China style).

A more likely prospect is that China — perhaps supported by Russia and others — mounts a serious challenge to US-Israeli-U.K.-EU hegemony, 7 or 10 years from now, from which a ruinous world war ensues.

Ruinous for the 99%, at least.

So, depressingly, we’re stuck with the Anglophone and European states collaborating with the Zionists until such time as either (a) the masses awaken; or (b) we’re all reduced to penury and serfdom (or literal ashes) following a world conflagration.


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