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Two years before 'Israel’s 9/11 false flag' that 'facilitated the genocide of 4.5 million Muslims** and laid the groundwork for Israel to extend and accelerate the genocides in decades to come', the year 1999 saw the following preparatory steps:

1. At the remote Glencoe home of  alleged ‘Jewish Zionist intelligence operative’ Jimmy Savile, the man now known as King Charles enjoyed a confidential meal far from prying eyes.

2. Concurrently, in the English county of Berkshire, Charles’s sibling Andrew was being similarly courted by another alleged ‘Jewish Zionist intelligence operative’.

3. Which is to say that, at Prince Andrew’s private residence of Sunninghill, PETER MANDELSON, allegedly the top ‘Jewish Zionist intelligence operative’ and close friend of 'child raping' ‘Jewish Zionist intelligence operative’ Jeffrey Epstein, was dining frequently with Charles’s younger brother.

4. For his diligent cultivation of a ‘fast friendship’, Mandelson was rewarded with an invitation to join Andrew’s 'full stop' NSPCC campaign against child abuse. He subsequently turned up to a series of fundraisers with his royal ‘new best friend’.

5. There is a belief that Mandelson was executing a plan to steer Andrew quickly into the orbit of Jeffrey Epstein, assisted by top ‘Jewish Zionist intelligence operative’ Ghislaine Maxwell and top ‘Christian Zionist intelligence operative’ Lynn Forester/de Rothschild.

6. Mandelson then stayed with alleged top ‘Jewish Zionist intelligence operative’ Jacob Rothschild at Lord Rothschild's home in Corfu for three days in April.

7. Mandelson then attended the 1999 Bilderberg, which also attracted alleged ‘Jewish Zionist intelligence operative’ Henry Kissinger — a mutual close friend of Mandelson and Lynn Forester/Lady de Rothschild — and Bill Richardson. Sex trafficking victim Virginia Giuffre states she was trafficked by Epstein to Richardson.

8. Mandelson then attended a Britain in Europe Campaign event with his close friend, the 'alleged child raping' Edward Heath, in October. Mandelson had a seat on BiE's Council with alleged top ‘Jewish Zionist intelligence operative' Lord Leon Brittan.

9 In the U.S. in 1999, Jeffrey Epstein’s close friend Lynn Forester/de Rothschild was serving on the board of her company FirstMark Communications International with Dr Henry Kissinger — her self-acknowledged mentor — and Bill Gates' closest Microsoft partner, Dr Nathan Myhrvold.

10. Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, Peter Mandelson, Bill Gates, Nathan Myhrvold, and Lynn Forester/de Rothschild all benefited from Jeffrey Epstein’s largesse, including — for Gates, Myhrvold and de Rothschild — flights on the ‘alleged Jewish Zionist intelligence operative’s’ private jet.



At 25 November 2023 at 02:07 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jews are not Zionists. Jews need support from imposters pretending to be Jews.

We need to move away from using language that calls Jews Zionists.

You can't be both.


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