Tuesday 7 November 2023

Garlic for mental health

Mark Jesus -

Top 9 Benefits of Garlic 

- Dr. Lam Coaching

"Consuming foods from the allium family, such as raw garlic, can greatly improve your mental health"

How garlic can benefit your health, improve your mood and ...

Daily Record

Garlic can ward off symptoms associated with insomnia, fatigue, and anxiety. GARLIC has also been shown to improve allergies ...


At 7 November 2023 at 04:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


A bit more Neil Oliver

At 7 November 2023 at 05:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Tommy Robinson aka Andrew McMaster, Paul Harris, Wayne King,and Stephen Yaxley Lennon has been resurrected for Saturday and the weekend of fun.

There will be pockets of resistance on both sides who will fondly tell the tales of old.  They were there on the day.  Fighting for our democracy, freedom, our country and of course the Palestinians.

Reality check. A complete waste of energy and endeavour. The decision to go to war with Iran was taken decades ago and the move to clear the Palestinians off Gaza likewise.  Gaza a mere stepping stone to further the aims of the Satanic West.

Much easier to get a 'foam hand' and a bucket of popcorn and pick your favourite side instead.  Fait a complit. I'm afraid.

AIPAC, A Century for the New America seems to have had Iran in their sights for sometime.  Furthermore, the 3 aircraft carrier groups in the Med and the slow build of military aircraft suggests more to worry about than a streetfight between to rival gangs (designed as a distraction).

The world really is about to have the mother of all battles and it ain't Gaza .

At 7 November 2023 at 06:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill Gates: Israeli technology is ‘improving the world’

‘Microsoft has confirmed that major parts of the Windows operating system were developed in Israel’

“Microsoft’s annual Think Next event originated in Israel …

“‘This event is held in the framework of Microsoft’s efforts to promote high-tech in Israel …’ [the Times of Israel wrote] …”

“Bill Gates said the Microsoft Israel R&D Center ‘started in 1991, when some of the Israeli engineers at Microsoft wanted to return home but continue working at Microsoft …’ …

“Speaking live at the event was current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Nadella met Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu … to discuss cyber-security and other matters.

“In their meeting, Nadella noted Microsoft’s commitment to Israel …

“… [Rumors] have swirled for years that MAJOR PARTS OF THE [WINDOWS] OPERATING SYSTEM WERE DEVELOPED IN ISRAEL, something the company has COMFIRMED although it has never specified just which components of Windows are ‘Israeli’ …”


At 7 November 2023 at 06:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Bill Gates’ extensive business dealings with Jeffrey Epstein and the Maxwell sisters

“ … [An article] from The Evening Standard in 2001 makes an odd comment about a major source of income for [JEFFREY EPSTEIN] during the 1990s, stating that ‘has made many millions out of his business links with the likes of BILL GATES, Donald Trump and Ohio billionaire Leslie Wexner, whose trust he runs.’

“In addition, Epstein victim Maria Farmer noted in an interview that she overheard Ghislaine and Epstein discuss Bill Gates as though they knew him well in 1995 …

“Isabel Maxwell had a personal relationship with Bill Gates and [he] put her [company], Israel-based CommTouch, ‘on the map’ after a major investment that had been brokered between Gates and Isabel personally.”

Christine and Isabel Maxwell “held senior roles at the Israeli intelligence front company that facilitated their father’s greatest act of espionage on Israel’s behalf, the sale of the bugged PROMIS software to the U.S. national laboratories at the heart of the country’s nuclear weapons system …

“Christine and Isabel later became directly involved with technology-based business ventures that directly involved Ghislaine during the very period she worked with Epstein on behalf of Israeli and U.S. intelligence to ensnare powerful U.S. political and public figures in a sexual blackmail scheme involving minors …

“… Christine and Isabel [then] became involved with successors to the PROMIS software scandal that were closely tied to U.S. intelligence and Israeli intelligence, respectively. Ghislaine herself also became involved in these affairs, as did Jeffrey Epstein …

“This also dovetailed with Epstein’s investments in Israeli intelligence-linked tech firms …”


At 7 November 2023 at 06:52 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill Gates and AnyVision, the Israeli tech firm that deprives Palestinians of free movement, privacy, and human dignity

“Israel has long been accused of using the occupied West Bank as a testbed for developing new technologies … which includes performing invasive digital operations such as mobile and internet monitoring, social media blocking and censoring, and biometric data collection …

“In 2019, AnyVision, an Israeli facial recognition firm, began rolling out automated checkpoints between the occupied West Bank and Israel. Palestinians are electronically registered by tapping an ID card onto a sensor and staring into a small camera that scans their face in order to be granted access …

“MICROSOFT has previously announced their funding of AnyVision in June 2019 but came under fire as concerns were raised around privacy rights, and ethics and accountability of the facial recognition software. [MICROSOFT] subsequently withdrew its funding …

“Israel has also been known to station drones at Palestinian protests to surveil the crowds or drop large amounts of tear gas …

“The infamous Israeli Cyber Unit has systematically worked with big tech companies including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, requesting content by or for Palestinians to be removed from the platforms …”


At 7 November 2023 at 06:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How Israeli technology turns occupation into profit

“The Israeli military-industrial complex has turned the occupied Palestinian territory into a testing ground for advanced weaponry and surveillance technology, which it exports worldwide.

“From powerful tools like the Pegasus software… to selling drones to the European Union … Israel’s technology has become A GLOBAL LEADER IN CONFLICTS around the world.”


At 7 November 2023 at 07:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israeli technology is ‘improving the world’:

Israel attacking civilians with white phosphorus bombs

“A British-Palestinian doctor working with Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in the besieged Gaza Strip says he has treated patients with white phosphorus burns, warning of the dire situation of the territory's hospitals.

"’I've seen white phosphorus burns when I worked in Gaza during the 2009 war and I know and recognize its distinctive burn pattern. And we have treated some cases in Shifa Hospital, one of whom was a 13-year-old boy with the distinctive phosphorus burns,’ the MSF surgeon, Ghassan Abu Sittah, said.

“These [white phosphorus] burns ... continue to penetrate deep into the tissues of the body because it's a chemical burn, it's not a thermal burn and they have a very distinct pattern of injury …’”


At 7 November 2023 at 11:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

'A pyramid buried in Indonesia could be the oldest such structure in the world — by many thousands of years.

New radiocarbon dating suggests that the structure at Gunung Padang in West Java, Indonesia, was built during the last ice age, sometime between 25,000 and 14,000 BC. It was then abandoned for thousands of years, before being deliberately buried around 7000 BC.'


In its prime the pyramid may have looked like this

Polish page with more details and images - Yandex machine-translated, so a couple of seconds to load

Brief 5 minute video, longer ones also on YouTube on 'Gunung Padang'

Curious that the huge structure was said to be 'deliberately buried' ... why? Who wanted to hide something?

There is an increasingly shared idea that what we think of as 'civilisation' of the last few thousand years, is not the first one ... maybe even the 3rd or 4th or 5th one.


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