Tuesday 14 March 2023

Edwina Currie - John Major


Anonymous -

Former minister Edwina Currie referred to John Major as ‘B’ in diary

“THE AFFAIR BEGAN IN 1984 when Mr Major was a party whip and Edwina was a backbench MP. Both were married with young children …

“Edwina … admits she seduced Mr Major ….

“She added: ‘Part of the fun was the thought that there was John sat in the whips' office discussing people's affairs and keeping quiet about his own. I loved that feeling’ …”

“Currie was born in south Liverpool to an Orthodox Jewish family …

“IN 1988 SHE APPOINTED JIMMY SAVILE to head up a task force to run the Broadmoor psychiatric hospital. Savile was given extraordinary power and a set of keys with complete access to every part of the hospital.”



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