Tuesday 14 March 2023

‘Britain under the command of the United States’ - TRIDENT

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‘Britain under the command of the United States’

“Britain's fleet of nuclear-powered hunter-killer submarines could be doubled as part of a landmark deal with the US and Australia. Rishi Sunak has confirmed a multi-billion-pound deal with the two allies to help develop and build the vessels …”


Reportedly, UK prime minister Macmillan was blackmailed into having Trident.

“One of the first tasks to confront a new prime minister … is to write ‘the letter of last resort’ …

[He or she is] “asked to write to (unnamed) commanders of a Trident missile submarine on patrol in the Atlantic. The letter will tell them whether or not, after a devastating attack on Britain, [the prime minister] (by this point either dead, or uncontactable) would be willing to retaliate by firing a nuclear missile …

“The options are said to include the orders ‘Put yourself under the command of the US …’; ‘Go to Australia’; ‘Retaliate’; or ‘Use your own judgment’ …”



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