Thursday, 1 August 2019


Mill Hill School.

Britain's top private schools are 'awash with Class A drugs', according to a new study.

"Emily, a 17-year-old girl at a co-ed boarding school, said up to 90 per cent of her friends were taking drugs."

"One 17-year-old boy at a 'well-known liberal boarding school' told Tatler: 'In the last year, I haven't been on a night out or even to a friend's house where there hasn't been a person taking drugs."

Britain's top private schools are 'awash with Class A drugs .

Mill Hill School.

Many years ago, I was told that in one expensive private school the illegal drugs were being sold by a pupil who was the son of one of the governors of the school, reportedly a well-connected Jewish gentleman.

The school nurse provided the evidence to the school authorities, but no action was taken against the pupil.

I do not know any of the names involved.

Many years ago, I was told that in one top private school, one of the school governors was a major drugs dealer, and a suspected child abuser

This particular school governor was Jewish and an 'untouchable'.

I do not know any of the names involved, and my source died some years ago.

Lester Coleman, killed in the Lockerbie Bombing. Reportedly, the CIA, with the help of Monzer al Kassar, was smuggling heroin from Lebanon into the USA. (BBC News WORLD Lockerbie: Conspiracy theories). Reportedly, profits from Lebanese heroin were used by the CIA to help finance 9 11. Reportedly, Mohamed Atta flew heroin for the CIA into Florida. LOCKERBIE IS ABOUT HEROIN

"Drug use is rife among teenagers at some of Britain's top private schools and many are starting at age 12, according to Tatler magazine.

Tatler - The original social media

"An investigation by Tatler found that taking Class A drugs is 'normal' among pupils at some private schools, including elite boarding schools."

I am told that more and more kids are having psychotic episodes, due to drugs.

Arthur Thompson

At one time, the top Scottish drugs gangster was Arthur Thompson.

"MI5 told him he could pretty much start the drugs trade in Glasgow."

DRUGS, GANGS, SPOOKS - PART 1. - Aangirfan



Many hundreds of kids were sexually abused in council care in Nottinghamshire.


  1. There is a excellent book , that you can only buy 2nd hand
    Red Cocaine ,,, it explains how Russia in 1955 i think it was under Khrushchev decided the best cause of action to take over the world, would be Drugs , they worked out , the best way to achieve this would be to infiltrate organised crime , and deliver the drugs in to areas / countries via this method ,
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    dont you find the , epstein court case interesting as he is being tried in a talmudic court everyone inc the judge is jewish ,

  2. I am an avid reader of this blog, but please stop minimising cild abuse by saying child porn. A child can not consent,so it is abuse, porn implies choice.