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John Smyth QC and his wife Anne, in Cape Town, South Africa. Smyth's daughter said that teenage boys were 'often' at their family home for barbecues and pool parties.


In 1984, John Smyth, the alleged sadistic abuser of boys, moved to Zimbabwe.

Smyth moved with his wife and their four children.

Prince Edward High School in Harare. A top Freemason.

Smyth founded Zambesi Ministries which ran holiday camps for boys from Zimbabwe's top schools.

In Zimbabwe, Smyth "continued his sadistic abuse of children at summer camps."

Christian crusader in teen abuse

Guide Nyachuru, who died in mysterious circumstances. The 16-year-old boy was found dead at a Zimbabwean holiday camp.

In 1997 Smyth was arrested over claims that he had killed a teenage boy, 16-year-old Guide Nyachuru.

Guide was found naked in a school pool.

The prosecution was dropped.

Archbishop of Canterbury's 'delightful' friend accused of killing / dailymail.

PJ and Ashleigh Smyth of Covenant Life Church. 

PJ Smyth is the son of John Smyth.

PJ Smyth is now the head a US 'megachurch' involved in a child sex abuse scandal.

Son of lawyer in 'spanking' documentary heads US 'megachurch

PJ Smyth is the new lead pastor at Covenant Life Church‚ in Gaithersburg‚ Maryland.

In December 2012‚ before PJ Smyth took over, former congregants from Covenant Life filed a lawsuit alleging the ministry's leaders conspired to conceal the sexual abuse of children.


In 2014 former Covenant Life youth group leader Nathaniel Morales was convicted on five counts of sexual abuse against three boys between 1983 and 1991.

Why is Pastor P.J. Smyth Comfortable Enabling Child Sexual Abuse

In March 2016, a member of Covenant Life Church was arrested for multiple counts of child sexual abuse.

New Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse Affecting Children

Christian crusader John Smyth in teen abuse scandal/ Son PJ Smyth heads US ‘megachurch’ embroiled in sex scandal/Archbishop Welby/Cover-Up


Church of England CSA VIP Cover ups… Bishop Garth Moore, Bishop Michael Fisher and Bishop Peter Ball etc


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    1. I doubt she died considering who her father was/is.

    2. If the vid is fake, who died? Hello?

  2. happy witnesses


    An open letter to the Most Rev Justin Welby, endorsed by eight alleged victims of John Smyth QC, calls on the Archbishop, a former colleague of the barrister, to come clean about the extent of his knowledge of the abuse claims.


    Dear Archbishop of Canterbury: Can you look yourself in the mirror and honestly say you did everything you could to expose John Smyth?

  5. Colman's Mustard heir, Jamie Colman, admits charity funded 'child abuse' barrister John Smyth for nearly thirty years

    His wife Rev Sue Colman was an independent adoption and fostering panel member for her local authority and was the spiritual director for the scandal-ridden Kids Company

    Sue Colman oversees a ‘Hospitality’ project, which encompasses the sharing of community lunches to the opening of our homes to vulnerable and at risk children and adults.

    Jamie Colman's father, Sir Michael Colman,oversaw the Church's investment portfolio between 1993 and 1999, holding the post of First Church Estates Commissioner.

    He was subsequently awarded the Archbishop of Canterbury's Cross of St Augustine.

    Jamie Colman's father, Sir Michael Colman was director (1992-1996) of The South African Business Initiative along with Sir Evelyn Rothschild (1992-1999) and Harry Frederick Oppenheimer and his son Nicky Oppenheimer

    Harry Oppenheimer was a benefactor of the WATERFORD SCHOOL TRUST

    Its emphasis is on disadvantaged students

    Waterford School Trustees - LADY JANET BOATENG

    Janet had been the chair of Lambeth social services during a period in the 1980s

    Mary Colman (née Bowes-Lyon), niece of the Queen Mother, a cousin of the Queen and wife of Sir Timothy Colman, of the mustard family is a close friend of Queen Elizabeth