Wednesday, 1 February 2017


Mike Enoch

Mike Enoch, who has been running the The Right Stuff blog, is a typical Trump supporter.

Mike Enoch rants against the liberals, especially those who are Jews.

Mike Enoch's blog seeks an all white USA.


Mike has been outed as Michael Peinovich, whose wife is a Jew named Ames Friedman. 

Michael Peinovich and his Jewish wife.

The Right Stuff was founded by Peinovich in 2012.

Peinovich has been described as being a Neo-Nazi.

Peinovich and Trump work for Israel, reportedly.

Mike Enoch's 'The Daily Shoah'.

The job of Peinovich and Trump is to blame Moslems for terrorism.

From left, Andrew Anglin, The Daily Stormer; Richard Spencer, The Alternative Right; Jared Taylor, American Renaissance; Matthew Heimbach; David Duke; Milo Yiannopoulos and Steve Bannon.

How many of the above are Jewish?

Donald Trump's brother said that the Trump family is Jewish.




  1. "From left, Andrew Anglin, The Daily Stormer; Richard Spencer, The Alternative Right; Jared Taylor, American Renaissance; Matthew Heimbach; David Duke; Milo Yiannopoulos and Steve Bannon.

    Milo is Jewish, dont know and care about the rest, but let me tell u that Anglin is a faker. A big time faker, he is totally the opposite of what is preaching. Too bad not many know this. Many of his posters mainly.

  2. Israel To Grant Asylum To 100 Children Refugees From Syria

    (Either these kids are jews of Syria; or they will be used as domestic slaves; or they will be used for ritual human sacrifice; or they will be groomed and trained to become the future Mossad ‘imams’ before being sent back to Syria or some other Muslim countries to preach hatred of Christians, love of the jews, and further the judaic program of the Clash of Civilizations.

    The article implies that these kids are jews: not once is their religion mentioned. Moreover, they will soon be eligible for an israeli passport and will even have the right to sponsor their immediate family to join them and live in israel.) -TUT

  3. Actually I met a Jewish American kid whose parents were from Syria and his brothers grew up in Mexico. A little confusing.He spoke Spanish fluently.

  4. Since Duke is intent on promoting Trump..then there is good reason to believe he is a fake...he may infact be working for the CIA.His wonky eyes certainly suggest all is not quite right with Duke.

    1. Yes....infact hardly any of these right wing blogs make mention of the OBVIOUS fact Trump is a Jew.One of these supposed white racists condemned Trump for allowing his bootifull daughter to get married to a Jew.....So this moron is either a CIA type OR a crypto Jew OR as thick as pigshit.Your "wonky eyes" theory has some merit...there is something not quite right with Duke.Obviously if Duke was genuine he would point to the fact that Trump is surrounded by Jews...both his close relatives and business associates.Trumps wife is very likely to be a Slovenian jewess...this could be ascertained for certain by checking her background in Slovenia.

  5. Mike Enoch looks like he can easily be Seth Rogen's Brother lol.

  6. Channel 4 TV again bigging up the anti on Trump

    - just like the C4 Antony Barnett piece earlier in January; and (also January) the pathetic John "galea" Sweeney BBC Panorama hit on Trump where his interviews with Trump and Dugin were both summarily terminated.

    So what's the take? Trumpfoolery or he's the real deal and/or a wildcard? The Barnett piece was more subtle but the other two are so hamfisted they were surely intended to signal to The Directors they're false fronts and just presenting Trump as an opposing force which in fact he isn't.

    Meantime in BLIGHTy, November 1957:

    The Earl of Gosford provides assurance on World Government.

  7. Thank you for the sharing of my video.

  8. national socialism does not equate with white supremacy. thease jews create a alt right then blacken all of it with a white only clause which is ridiculous.these are red flags and jews run any well funded group,real oines dont have much money through donations. any gropup advoicating rascism is well duh, this includes whitres and only group morally targeted are jews and their lickaspittles lol