Sunday, 9 October 2016


Mike Pence says: "I frankly hold Dick Cheney in very high regard."

Journalist Allan Nairn says: "The murder adventurers, the figures like Cheney and Rumsfeld, they're with Trump."

Could a Pence Vice Presidency Unleash a Cheney-Style Foreign policy? / Mike Pence Hails Dick Cheney as His 'Role Model'

Pence and his Israeli friends. 

One of the crazy and wrong arguments in favour of Donald Trump is that he will get on well with Russia.

Mike Pence has described Putin "as a 'small and bullying' man who had invaded two neighbours and helped prop up Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

"Pence argued that a Trump administration would be harder on Putin than a Clinton one."

Mike Pence on Russia and Syria - Oct 2016

Nancy Cawley, from Chicago. Mike Pence is very close with his mom, Nancy, née Cawley. Cawley can be a Jewish name.

Trump criticised Obama for being soft on Putin on the subject of Ukraine.

"Our president is not strong, and he is not doing what he should be doing for the Ukraine," Trump said.

Trump Slams Obama as Weak on Russia

Pence (above) has Irish origins. Crypto-Jews in Ireland

If Trump becomes President, Pence will run the government.

"Donald Trump Jr. explained that his father's vice president would be in charge of domestic and foreign policy."

The New York Times / Trump  to Delegate All Domestic and Foreign Policy to his Vice President. / Donald Trump Wants His VP To Be In Charge Of ALL Policy

Mike Pence, Oberst Martin Hessler. 

Pence has said: "The Russians invaded Ukraine and took over Crimea...

"When Donald Trump's president, we are not going to have the kind of posture in the world that has Russia invading Crimea and Ukraine …"

Pence has said that Trump would be prepared to carry out air strikes against Assad.

Pence said: "The US needs to be prepared to strike military targets of the Assad regime..."

Mike Pence on Russia and Syria - Oct 2016

Mike Pence, Trump's running mate.

Mike Pence is a long-time supporter of immigration.

Trump and Pence make for Republican odd couple - Financial Times 

"Pence has spent his political career decrying anti-immigrant rhetoric and pushing to make comprehensive immigration reform politically workable,"

Pence's Love Affair With Immigration Reform .

Mike Pence.

Mike Pence, in Congress, has strongly supported free trade deals that Trump opposes.

Trump and Pence make for Republican odd couple - Financial Times

Mike Pence voted YES on authorizing military force in Iraq. (Oct 2002)

Mike Pence voted YES on $78B for war in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Apr 2003)

Mike Pence voted YES on implementing CAFTA, Central America Free Trade. (Jul 2005)

Mike Pence voted YES on extending the PATRIOT Act's roving wiretaps. (Feb 2011)

Mike Pence supports solidarity with Israel in its fight against terrorism. (Apr 2002)

Mike Pence is a pro-Israel, homophobe who supported the Iraq War.

"Pence is a strong supporter of torture, of rendition programs, of drone killings and doing whatever Israel says without question..

"Pence is a friggin' Nazi."

article here

Several Trump allies have begun discussing the possibility of a Pence-Carson ticket, a source close to Trump told the Washington Post.



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  3. Looking more and more likely that neither candidate will be inaugurated as President - so goodbye Mike Pense.

  4. Is Pence the one we should be looking out for? I've been noticing your ominous allusion to the real players in this game Aangirfan. Those that might help Drumpf weild the power he is allotted if elected.

    I only mention this because we have been bombarded with propaganda about men with white hair and themes about snow. John Snow from king of thrones, Snowden, Donald Sutherland as Cornelius Snow in Hunger Games, Assange and his white hair, and of course the decades old conditioning of hitlers Uber mensch. What is the goal of the predictive programming are we witnessing?


    1. He is a spitting image of that Hessler, so much so that I scare myself with thoughts of his kind roaming the earth. Is he a damn clone?