Friday 2 December 2016


Trump may be about to do to Pakistan what Obama did to Tunisia.

On 30 November 2016, Donald Trump said to Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif:

"You have a very good reputation. You are a terrific guy"

Pakistan is "a fantastic country, fantastic place" with the most "intelligent" people and "your country is amazing with tremendous opportunities".

That 'tremendous' call between Trump and Pakistan's PM Nawaz

In 2011, Trump called for an urgent pull-back on aid to Pakistan unless it demolishes its nuclear arsenal. 

Trump said of Pakistan:

"They are not friends of ours...

"There are plenty of ... terrorists in Pakistan, we know that."

Why Pakistan should be wary of Donald Trump

In September 2015, Trump said that the United States should use India's help to deal with Pakistan if it becomes 'unstable' in the future.

Trump calls for Indian intervention if Pakistan becomes ‘unstable

Michael Flynn, who takes an interest in Pakistan.

Trump's pick for national security adviser, Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, wants to punish Pakistan. 

Michael Flynn may be as Jewish as John Kerry?


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At 2 December 2016 at 17:21 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

ZeroHedge commenter:

« Apparently you have to overfill the swamp before you can drain the swamp.

Maybe to get a good swirl goin'? »



"It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
- Mark Twain


Enjoyable tho, seeing Trump talking to Taiwan's President & upsetting the Beijing Chinese

If 'Brexit' etc is good ... shouldn't we be sympathetic to all the independent-minded? ... including USA & PR China & Russian Chechen etc secessionists ?


Does Trump know there are no nuclear weapons, that the whole thing has always been a hoax? Or is Trump one of the people who won't be told this?

[Background: It seems clear Hiroshima & Nagasaki were chemical fire-bombing horrors just like Toyko, people burned satanically along with their wooden houses ... Swedish engineer & nuclear expert Anders Björkman has provided evidence of this for years ... On Hiroshima bombing day at the same hour, US records log a fleet of 66 bombers, a fire-bombing-size fleet, to 'bomb nearby Imabari Japan' ... which no longer existed, wiped out in 2 previous raids

All 10 alleged 'nuclear bomb nations' played along, in what seems a global scam, trillions for oligarchs owning armaments industries ... wealth shared, e.g., with Soviet Union elites in fake 'Cold War' over decades, as proven by UK-born economist Antony Sutton long ago in 'The Best Enemy Money Could Buy', Israel a key US-Moscow transfer point

1945 - USA chemically bombs Hiroshima & Nagasaki (like Tokyo, Dresden, Hamburg...), also dumping illness-inducing radioactive rubbish. Witnesses ordered to shut up, chemical-blast 'mushroom clouds' in film & photos - USA HAS NUCLEAR BOMBS

1949 - Soviet Union accepts deal for Russian elites to get wealthy by playing along with Cold War & global nuclear terror - COMMIE RUSSIA HAS THE BOMB

1952 - UK Brits & London financial centre don't want to be 2nd class - UK HAS THE BOMB

1960 - France chafes not to be 2nd class to Brits - FRANCE & DE GAULLE HAVE THE BOMB

1964 - China upgraded to major league - COMMIE CHINA HAS THE BOMB

1966 - Israel joins the club as in time to terrorise & blackmail Arabs in 1967 & 1973 wars - JEWS HAVE THE BOMB & JEWS ARE READY TO SAMSON OPTION EVERYBODY, later 'confirmed' by Mordechai Vanunu to MI6 London Times & then maybe living on Haifa beach, not 'in Israeli prison', like 'not really in Ecuador Embassy' Julian Assange

1974 - India accepted as big power, degrading its heritage naming its bomb programme 'Smiling Buddha' - INDIA HAS THE BOMB

1979 - South Africa's white apartheid gov gets to play - WHITE RACIST SOUTH AFRICA HAS THE BOMB READY TO KILL BLACK PEOPLE ... but 'dismantles bombs' before Mandela & black government can find out the scam

1998 - Pakistan becomes central player in new Western anti-Muslim theme - PAKISTANI MUSLIMS HAVE THE BOMB & OSAMA OR TERRORISTS MIGHT GET AHOLD OF IT

2006 - North Korea, always making deals, gets to upgrade - CRAZY NORTH KOREA HAS THE BOMB

'Nuclear terror' - A great, profitable business!

At 2 December 2016 at 20:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Three Rogue Nations: Producing Order Out Of Chaos?


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