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Freddie Scappaticci, codenamed Stakeknife, 'was a British spy working within the Provisional Irish Republican Army'.

Scappaticci (Stakeknife) 'murdered at least 24 apparently innocent people'.

Scappaticci has strong links with Northern Ireland First Minister Martin McGuinness 'of MI6', who it's claimed may be questioned over 'the allegations'.

It would seem that the Provisional IRA was set up and run by the UK security services, in order to discredit the 'Nationalist' cause.

The Guy Fawkes plotters were a 'pseudo gang' controlled by the London government.

The UK's General Frank Kitson refers to the 'pseudo gangs' set up by the security services. 

The idea of the 'pseudo gang' is to carry out acts of violence which can then be blamed on the people that the military wants to discredit.

Pseudo gangs have been used in Vietnam, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, the Philippines, Kenya, Malaya, Northern Ireland, Iraq, Syria (ISIS), New York (al Qaeda) and many other places.

Reportedly, the white Rhodesians used pseudo gangs to bomb churches (and murder missionaries) and blame the violence on black guerrillas.


Stephen Grey's book The New Spymasters uses information from intelligence sources.

According to Grey, the UK intelligence services used the family of 'IRA leader' Gerry Adams as spies for the UK military.


It would seem that the UK security services set up child abuse rings in Northern ireland in order to control certain key people.


Lord Stevens.

Most terrorists work for the security services.

Lord Stevens, a former UK police chief, is quoted as saying that only three out of 210 terrorist suspects he arrested in a probe in Northern Ireland were not working for either the police, the security service MI5 or the UK Army.

On 21 December 2011, we learnt that the IRA was run by the UK security services.

Half of all the top IRA men 'worked for security services'

Freddie Scappaticci, codenamed Stakeknife

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At 22 October 2015 at 08:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In this article I am reminded of that Irish gentleman in the youtube video ( I cannot find that video for the life of me, anyone?) that was posted here and widely in other places where he describes how he was told that MI6 had ALL the major churches in Ireland, the confessionals, pews, and offices of the seminaries bugged and wired for sound, meaning each and every member of any organized churches wildest secrets were in the hands of the secret service of the UK. No wonder there was such a foothold in the IRA and such a stead flow of guns and drugs.

I'm also a bit befuddled as to how this kind of information hasn't reached certain ears by now and the real IRA hasn't cleaned house by now, maybe the relationship is just a bit too comfortable now? I'd expect to see the kind of outrage from some Irishmen on parallel with something out of "Sons of Anarchy".


At 22 October 2015 at 09:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe in Belfast but not in South Armagh.

At 22 October 2015 at 14:56 , Anonymous wiggins said...

Ya.....LOL, that would be too risky.

At 23 October 2015 at 02:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

They've been at this for a long time now , and they're good at it !

At 23 October 2015 at 09:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting bit about Michael Tsarion I did not know from that site:

"I began my researches into the occult history of Ireland back in the 1970s after a spate of horrific ritualistic murders of young men in Belfast was traced to upper class homosexual and pedophile officials within the British government."

Very interesting.



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