Saturday 3 October 2015


In 2004, the UK's Labour government gave doctors a pay rise of around 35%, and allowed doctors to opt out of evening and weekend work.

Three doctors in my small town, in the UK, have very recently retired.

All of them are in their early fifties and all of them live in large expensive houses.

Yesterday I visited a patient in our local hospital.

All the doctors in the hospital looked as if they had just left school.

None of them looked British.

All the nurses looked harassed.

Increasingly it is difficult to see a 'full-time' doctor at a local surgery.

Across Britain, 10% of 'full-time' doctor positions are vacant.

Surgeries are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit 'locums' (temporary doctors).

Yet, Britain's top paid locum will earn almost £500,000 this year.

Why do so many doctors want to leave the profession?

1. They earn so much that they can afford to retire early.

2. They feel under pressure because of the increasing number of old people who are surviving into their nineties and who need a lot of care.

3. They feel under pressure because of the exodus of their colleagues.

4. Governments and administrators have given doctors a lot more paperwork.

The UK government is trying to solve the problem by recruiting more doctors from overseas.


How Neoliberalism Reduces the Status of Skilled Doctors...

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At 3 October 2015 at 02:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Basically the problem boils down to this..mass alien immigration into Britain brought about by the Jews,who now control the country 100%.
Doctors no longer feel any bond or kinship with the hundreds of patients who show up in their surgery....Of course you could over complicate the issue with other matters...but flooding Britain with third world immigrants is the crucial point.
It is part of the overall decline of Britain AND it is going to get steadily worse.
What SHOULD have happened was the rise of a new political party putting the interests of Britain first...BUT the intelligence services, specifically MI5 which is controlled by the Jews prevents this interferes with real democracy ever being able to function.
So the majority opinion is NEVER allowed to take precedence over the "NWO" objectives.
A good example is Malmo in Sweden,this used to be a peaceful harmonious it is a bloody mess...because of alien immigration.The media in Sweden is owned by the Jews....and it would be worth investigating if the Swedish equivalent of MI5 is also headed up by a crypto Jew.The Danish version certainly is!.
Dropping into a doctors surgery in London was a real eye opener.The surgery itself was dirty and shabby,the doctors completely unprofessional.It was run by third world immigrants.
As has been stated,the mass alien I.migration into Britain is going to have a catastrophic effect on Britain...but as it takes decades to show up the awful reality does not hit home..until it is virtually too late to do anything about it.

At 3 October 2015 at 06:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yet another nurse at my local hospital, Warwick Hospital, SWFT has been struck off by the Nursing and Midwifery Council which governs the so-called professional conduct and standards of nurses. This is becoming a regular occurence at this hospital, and these are only the ones getting caught. The quality of British trained nurses is so very low, that it is only those well educated nurses from India and the Phillipines that are holding the NHS together

At 3 October 2015 at 07:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr Savile will see you now...

At 6 October 2015 at 16:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A DI insists Bridlington is not a hot spot area for crimes of this nature. We have had a lot of high profile sex abuse cases within the Bridlington area in the past four or five years, but we should'nt take things out of context.

1) Andrew Webster, dec'd

2) Headlands School, Bridlington - "The one with Paedos"



3) Tony Blair issues a D-Notice (gagging order)

4) Bridlington link to the Gp Contract 2004 (Is 2 (a) a family member?)

5) Former Partner of Dr Hamish Meldrum - Dr Ian Elliott, dec'd

6) Dominic Elliott, dec'd - son of Dr Ian Elliott, dec'd

7) List of Players in GMS 2004 GP Contract

(a) Dr Eric Rose

Author of - "The true history of GP OOH (Out of Hours) Services"

(b) Dr Michelle Drage

(c) Dr David Pickersgill

(d) Dr Russell Walshaw

(e) Dr John Chisholm, OBE > ... > How We Work > UK and national councils > UK council


(f) Dr Simon Fradd

(g) Dr Peter Holden

And Finally -

At 7 October 2015 at 15:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget Mike O'Brien - Health Minister 2009 / 2010 - Link to GP contract 'sold a pup' in 2008'Brien_(British_politician) (Note Mike O'Briens comments towards end of the article) (Link message came back there is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed!!! - I wonder why)

At 8 October 2015 at 14:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

TAVISTOCK CLINIC/INSTITUTE AND THE BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION - MIND CONTROL LINKS'''Tavistock+clinic/@51.5467461,-0.2486469,12z/data=13r,-0.1 (Did the Police join with the NHS to crack paedophile rings and what was the outcome?) (Click on Theosophical Society link under Headquarters heading)

At 9 October 2015 at 14:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

DISPENSING DOCTORS AND DRUG DIVERSIONS (CEO Matthew Isom - Linked into GP Contract Negotiations 2003)

At 10 October 2015 at 16:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

British Medical Association (BMA) abd General Medical Council (GMC)

What other services do they offer!! > ... > Tameside > News > UK News > Crime > News > UK > News > Halloween > News > Liverpool News > AintreeHospital


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