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The former CIA boss Allen Dulles (above) was the son of a Presbyterian minister.

Allen Dulles was once 'the enforcer' for the secret 'cabal' which runs the US government, on behalf of the wealthy elite.

Checkmate on 'The Devil's Chessboard' - Consortium News

David Talbot has written: The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America's Secret Government.

Talbot thinks that Allen Dulles was Satanic.


Allen Macy Dulles Jr.

Talbot writes that Allen Dulles submitted his own son, Allen Macy Dulles Jr., to the CIA's mind-control program.


Dulles worked for the Rockefellers.

Allen Dulles and his brother Foster Dulles helped to fincance Hitler and his Nazis.

David Talbot makes the case that Allen Dulles was more or less a Nazi spy for during World War II.

Talbot sees Dulles and the Nazis as being gangsters rather than people motivated by ideology.

Talbot writes: "It is not widely recognized that the Nazi reign of terror was, in a fundamental way, a lucrative racket - an extensive criminal enterprise set up to loot the wealth of Jewish victims and exploit their labor."

Allen Dulles had long-standing business ties to German industrial giants such as I G Farben and Krupp steel.

After World War II, Dulles worked hard to save and recruit many Nazi war criminals.

Throughout the late 1940s and early 1950s Allen Dulles was busy setting up the Deep State, "a powerful secret government that would outlast him."


The CIA's attack on Bologna railway station, 1980, part of Operation Gladio.

After De Gaulle was elected president of France in 1958, "he sought to purge the French government of its CIA-connected elements."

De Gaulle wanted to shut down the secret Operation Gladio/stay-behind army that Dulles had organized in France.

JFK Assassination Plot Mirrored in 1961 France

In 1962, Dulles's CIA attempted to assassinate French President Charles de Gaulle.

De Gaulle's information minister Alain Peyrefitte was told by De Gaulle:

"What happened to Kennedy is what nearly happened to me.

"His story is the same as mine …. The security forces were in cahoots with the extremists."


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At 29 October 2015 at 02:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Democracy Now interview with David Talbot. Mind control, the Mafia, endless coups to topple democratically elected governments, it's all here.

Allen Dulles and General Curtis Lemay wanted out and out nuclear war with Russia during the Cuban Crisis and it's is only because of President John Kennedy that we are alive today.

The Rise of America’s Secret Government: The Deadly Legacy of Ex-CIA Director Allen Dulles Pt. 1

Part 2

At 29 October 2015 at 03:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 29 October 2015 at 05:19 , Blogger Michael K. said...

Nazis were essentially gangsters.
Putin is essentially a gangster running a government of gangsters.
Jewish Zionists are essentially gangsters.
Switzerland is a hiding place for the criminally acquired wealth of gangsters.
Bush and Cheney and Reagan were all essentially gangsters.
Japan is basically run by gangsters.
China is basically run by gangsters.

Does anyone else see a disturbing pattern?

Christians call it "the world"; it is run by Satan, the big gangster at the top.

At 29 October 2015 at 05:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 29 October 2015 at 05:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 29 October 2015 at 05:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 29 October 2015 at 06:25 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

The EU & Bilderberg another Dulles Scheme

Diplomacy & Statecraft
Publication details, including instructions for authors and subscription information:
OSS, CIA and European unity: The American committee on United Europe,
Richard J. Aldrich a
University of Nottingham,
Online Publication Date: 01 March 1997

At 29 October 2015 at 06:33 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

The fix for WW2 and the rise of Hitler was put in by lawyer John Foster Dulles brother of Alan in 1921 suggest search this doc for references to Dulles both of them.

Apologies for the crappy cut n paste.

, Lloyd George and the French Prime Minister, Clémenceau, Britain’s and France’s chief negotiators, could scarcely afford to parade on the home front a loot of ‘merely’ $40 million without risking a political lynching. Then Lloyd George chanced upon the clever device of leaving the final figure unnamed, deputizing the task to a commission of experts, which was scheduled to deliver an estimate in two years – by May 1921. The explosive mixture was skillfully inoculated in the text of the Treaty by John Foster Dulles – a New York lawyer connected in high places – in the form of the infamous Article 231, which had gone down in history as the ‘war guilt clause’ ( Kriegsschuldfrage ). By this Article Germany was coerced to accept the respon- sibility, and thus sign a ‘blank check,’ ‘for causing all the loss and damage to which the Allied...and their nationals have been subjected as a consequence of the war imposed upon them by the aggression of Germany.’ The apportionment of the prospective German spoils was thus tentatively arranged by the victors: 50 per cent to France, 30 percent to Britain

At 29 October 2015 at 06:36 , Blogger Vincenzo Ferraro said...

Wikipedia is disinformation ...

At 29 October 2015 at 07:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Talbot misses the point that Hitler, Prince Bernhard, the Hoovers, (Hubers) the Dulles Brothers, Eisenhouwer en many more were Swissies or had been groomed in Switzerland where nazism has its origin

At 29 October 2015 at 07:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clay Shaw was Dulles' buddy.

At 29 October 2015 at 07:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

the Templars up to this day are still crusading and cross(!)bordering

At 29 October 2015 at 07:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

NATO and UN are under Templar control

At 29 October 2015 at 08:01 , Anonymous CanSpeccy said...

On 9/11 Donald Trump stood at ground zero and explained for the benefit of a German television audience how:

"...the tremendous amounts of fuel that was dumped on the building and... sixteen hundred degrees temperature. I guess that's more than than anything could take..."


Any ideas or info on where Donald Trump stands in relation to the deep state?

At 29 October 2015 at 08:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

take the NATO logo and draw a circle around the inner part, than what you get is a templar cross

At 29 October 2015 at 09:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

10 Reasons Why Switzerland is Home to the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)

At 29 October 2015 at 09:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

the mysterious protocols of zion stem from Sion, Switzerland

At 29 October 2015 at 09:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

prince Bern-hard studied Law at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland and in Berlin

At 29 October 2015 at 09:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Allen Dulles and No. 23 Herrengasse, Bern, Switzerland, 1942-1945

At 29 October 2015 at 10:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

look, all german ww2 war planes are decorated with a Swiss cross

At 29 October 2015 at 10:31 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hoover is a Swiss family name....,_Hoober,_Huber,_Huver,_Hueber)_family

At 29 October 2015 at 10:33 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

Trump is owned by the dreadful few. The Republican party is owned as is Netanyahu by Sheldon Adelson.

If Trump gets into power invest in nuclear bunkers and M rations.

At 29 October 2015 at 10:52 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Elad Pressman explains the relationship between Templars and Marrano jews

At 29 October 2015 at 12:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

German tanks as well

At 29 October 2015 at 12:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In short: the Templars, the Vatican, the Bilderberg Group, Skull and Bones, NATO, the UN, the Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Washington DC, the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) are all chapters of the same Swiss-Templar-Nazi- book

At 29 October 2015 at 12:37 , Blogger CS said...

Trump says he's owned by no one, which seems plausible since he's worth, at the lowest estimated, $2.5 billion. Question is, who's he working with? What insider info is available to him? Is he involved with the CIA? Does he have significant influence with military commanders?

Trump aint owned by anyone, but he's probably networking with some powerful people. So who are these people and what are their objectives? Are they a faction at odds with the NWO, or is Trump a fake opponent of the existing order? Given the shambles the US seems to be in, the former assumption seems likely.

At 29 October 2015 at 13:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Windows on the World: The Swiss Templars with Sean Hross

At 29 October 2015 at 14:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This good:

CIA Operation 40 and JFK, RFK, John Lennon assassinations, Watergate, 9/11: VIDEO: CIA Operation 40 and JFK, RFK, John Lennon assassinations, Watergate, 9/11: Expert Ole Dammegard

At 29 October 2015 at 14:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

CIA Operation 40 and JFK, RFK, John Lennon assassinations, Watergate, 9/11: Expert Ole Dammegard videos:

Part 1

Part 2

At 29 October 2015 at 16:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

PIE Membership List and Church of England

At 29 October 2015 at 17:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said... (note comments made in 2nd paragraph to Dave Jones, Chief Constable of NYPA) (No 4 The Protection)

At 30 October 2015 at 00:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apologies - typing error - last two links should read (No 4 The Protection)

At 30 October 2015 at 06:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sleepy backwater villages with hidden secrets!!!! (Note reference to 'When the Duchess's body was put on display in an open coffin at his sisters house in Filey, Savile sat next... This sister was Christina Foster and I believe she lived at Welford Road / 11, Clarence Drive, Filey. Believe that JS friend called John was friendly / having a relationship with a lady callled Margaret who lived next door to Christina.) (Believe this is the son of Christina Foster nee Savile who lived in Filey) (Click on Nafferton Council Safeguarding policy)

And still the abuse continues in East Yorkshire (Search East Yorkshire - Bridlington, Nafferton and surrounding area's)

At 31 October 2015 at 15:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

NECROPHILIA!!!! (Note heading 'When she was dead she was all mine, for me' - what was JS doing for the 5 days sat by her coffin in his sisters house in Filey, North Yorkshire!!!)

Update on Peter Jaconelli - friend of Jimmy Savile and others

At 23 May 2016 at 09:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the Rothschild's, they were also involved with WW11 and WW1!
In fact I think the Rothschild's and Rockefeller's are the same family, all satanic in nature!
They sold their own people to Hitler, he was just another devil and there's a lot of them about!
They are the reason why cruelty, brutality and hatred rule this world, why millions or is it billions round the world live in dire poverty, even here in the UK!
ISIS is their baby, a product of the US, Israel, France and the UK, pitting one against the other, spreading hatred far and wide, it's sickening!
There can never be TRUE PEACE whilst those two family's and others exist!
The day will come when the evil ones WILL be destroyed totally and completely! I have every confidence in my statement, but just to clarify, I am not a religious person and never want to be! Religion is used to keep us hating each other! I am a spiritualist and have seen many weird and strange, out of this world things since my Connor was murdered!
It might not happen in our life time, but who can truly say the death of our mortal body's is the end of everything, I have evidence in the way of video clips taken in my own front room with a night vision camera that that is not the case!
You might think I am a total nut case, but that is the way they want you to think, the full truth about life and death has been kept from us! What we haven't been told is another secret, what we have been told is another lie and it's all part of the tangled web woven just for us to keep us in the dark and scared!!!

At 19 March 2017 at 09:49 , Blogger cj said...

Right on, Vera.


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