Tuesday 18 June 2024

SNP will get most votes?


Tom Waller

The Scottish Labour Party allowed a 1BN pound Bribe to the ... Ulster loyalist DUP to keep Brexit and the Conservative Party alive. 

Labour voted against Scottish social democratic values with support for the UK Law and Order Reform Bill

And, even worse, the more recent UK Internal Markets Reform Bill, which effectively prevents any future Scottish government legislation if the new law does not meet English approval. 

Get EVEN for Brexit and angry over being prevented from holding a democratic referendum on Scottish Indpendence in 2024 by the UK supreme court. 

Vote for Scottish public services "All Under One Banner" and end the Unionist divide and rule in Scottish Government for good. Scottish Indpendence Day and Brexit revenge. July 4th 2024.

les barrie

Remember that Ed Davey who's currently clowning his way around the UK was the minister responsible for the post office during the worst of the persecution and prosecution of post masters and even though he knew about it chose to ignore the entire affair , he's got plenty blood on his liberal hands.

Tom Waller

Banff and Buchan, vote for Indpendence for Scotland. Do not repeat voting for any Unionist party; they do not care about you or Scotland.


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