Monday 27 May 2024

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At 28 May 2024 at 05:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

'General Michael Flynn may replace Trump as US presidential candidate'

George Webb is a blogger-journalist on Substack covering topics relating to the USA 'deep state'

Webb gives a 70% probability that Donald Trump - who will perhaps have a criminal conviction shortly - will be removed by his Republican Party from the USA Presidential race, between now and the July Republican Party convention gathering

Webb suggests that what is in the cards, is to replace Trump with the right-wing US General Michael Flynn, who was President Trump's first National Security adviser in 2017, but then pushed out in the purge of right-wing figures that came to also include Steve Bannon

Trump is showing cognitive decline along with Biden, as well as having multiple court trials ahead, and right-wing General Flynn is popular with Trump's voter base, making him a good substitute to lead the 'revenge of Trump'

And for pro-Israel donors, General Flynn is perhaps optimum for a USA-Israel war agenda

So maybe USA and UK both will be swapping out for 'wartime leaders'

'Replacing Trump - the Big Switch'


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