Tuesday 6 February 2024

What are Israel’s planes doing here in the UK?

Boycott Israel. Sack UK Defence Minister Grant Shapps who is Jewish. 


At 7 February 2024 at 11:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interview with former Moldovan Deputy Prime Minsiter for Security Iurie Roșca, on how Vladimir Putin is not really 'opposition' to the West -

'Unfortunately, most of the alternative media in the West, while rejecting US hegemony and the globalist agenda, zealously promotes the idea that Putin represents an alternative civilizational model.

Putin and his regime are a direct continuation of the Yeltsin period. Big business installed and maintains its servants in key state functions. Putin fits exactly into this. Putin must be regarded as a front man, a spokesman for circles that hold power.

The key moment when it became clear that Putin was totally under the control of globalists came in 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic was triggered. The Kremlin showed complete obedience to the undeclared World Government that operated under WHO cover, imposing the same tyrannical policies, including compulsory injections.

Fanatical trust in Putin’s virtues and merits, which the alternative press in the West exalts, has several explanations. Putin’s speechwriters have a gift for wooing Western “dissidents” with criticisms of the political class in the West and the LGBT agenda.

You can talk irrefutable facts:
- that the Central Bank of Russia is affiliated with globalist policies, that it is controlled by the IMF and the BIS, that it is imposing the digital ruble
- you can show that assassination by vaccine is carried out under Putin
But Western intelligentsia allows itself to be manipulated because it has lost its celestial compass.

Worth mentioning here is the effectiveness of Sputnik and RT, which court and flatter Western “dissidents” with regular invitations to criticize the political class in Western countries. Let one of them try to make any critical comments about power in Moscow, and he will see how he will be forever shunned by those who until yesterday flattered him

The most mundane explanation for the fact that alternative media in the West has aligned itself with the Kremlin is financial. Russian secret services have not lost the ability to seduce with money.

Recent examples of what David Icke calls 'MAM', meaning 'mainstream alternative media', false dissidence affiliated with occult power circles -

Americans Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson. Both are Trump fans, both have become friends with monstrous globalist technocrat Elon Musk, and both love Putin like their father. But what unites the two, as well as other “opinion leaders”, is their affiliation to the interests of the Zionist lobby in the USA, including the avoidance of univocal claims of genocide in the Gaza Strip.

To simplify, we could say that organizations like Chabad Lubavitch strongly influence politicians like Trump (Jared Kushner) and Putin (Berel Lazar) and their servants in alternative media.'


At 7 February 2024 at 11:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 7 February 2024 at 13:42 , Blogger Angelina said...

Jewish continuing killing Ukrainians. Ukrainians are Russians.They wont stop until people stand up for their lives! Jewish bolsheviks killed about 100 million Russians. Every vaccine is produced by jewish. Vaccine is their discovery.Lethal injection.
Every. Not only covid.
Controversial Pfizer Vaccine Trials On Children Raise Concerns In Ukraine
Allegations of Secrecy and High Mortality Rates Draw Scrutiny
An employee at a Pfizer branch in Kyiv has exposed a shocking clinical trial conducted by the pharmaceutical company, resulting in the tragic deaths of over 40 Ukrainian children at the time of this revelation. These trials have been marred by severe violations of medical and ethical standards, raising alarming concerns. Despite the discovery of these violations in the early stages of the trials and a distressingly high rate of hospitalizations and fatalities, Pfizer stubbornly persists in continuing these experiments.
Pfizer’s analysts gain direct access to data from the Ministry of Health, granting them the use of multiple Kyiv hospitals.

At 7 February 2024 at 14:40 , Blogger Angelina said...

Jewish Collaborators With Bolshevik Mass Murderers To Receive ‘Good Will’ ,,Holocaust,,Reparations From Latvia
Despite the fact that Latvia’s Jews betrayed the Latvian people to the Soviet invaders in 1940 — leading to untold cruelty, butchery, and mass murder — the Latvian parliament nevertheless has voted to pay $46 million to the country’s Jewish community for property that was allegedly stolen from it during the “Holocaust” from individuals with no surviving legal heirs:
The Holocaust restitution law passed last week by the Saeima, Latvia’s parliament, in Riga states that the country is not to blame for the Holocaust or the theft, which the law states was conducted by the Nazis and later by the communists who replaced them as rulers of Latvia. Rather than reparations, the law refers to the payment as a form of “goodwill compensation,” according to the LETA news agency. The compensation voted on last week will be paid in annual increments of $4.6 million from the state budget to the Jewish community until 2032.
Jewish groups have been lobbying for the compensation of communal-owned assets in Latvia since 1992. Claims for restitution of private-owned property have been largely denied in Latvia, according to the World Jewish Restitution Organization, an organization dedicated to the restitution of Jewish property in Europe.

Of the 70,000 Jews who were living inside modern-day Latvia when the Germans invaded in 1941, only 200 survived, according to Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust museum. Locals, including Latvian police, played a key role in the genocide, according to the museum, forming armed groups to attack local Jews, whom they believed were collaborating with communists.
As in other Eastern European countries, Latvia’s government has protested claims that its predecessors and population were partially responsible for the Holocaust. Many Latvians view their country, despite strong support for the Nazis during the war years, as a victim of Adolf Hitler’s occupation. Hundreds of Latvians served in special battalions of the Nazis’ SS elite military force. The veterans of that unit hold annual marches in Riga, which are the only SS veteran marches in the world.

What happened in Latvia during World War II is yet another example of the Russian proverb, “The Jew tells you what happened to him but never tells you why,” and the Polish proverb,
“The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.”
In 1940 the Jews of Latvia betrayed the Christian Latvians to their Soviet-Bolshevik invading compatriots and co-ethnics in what can only be described as an audacious stab in the back.

The book Latvia: Year of Horror 1940 explains the true history of the Jewish involvement in the Bolshevik mass murder:
Latvia: Year of Horror, 1940 – The Year Assimilated Jews Turned on Their Neighbours

At 7 February 2024 at 14:44 , Blogger Angelina said...

Latvia’s terror started at once with the mass arrests, murders and/or deportations of its leaders to far regents of Bolshevik Russia, as revolutionary criminals were released from Latvian prisons, to assist the Red Army and replace the slain and deported in their positions. It followed later with thousands of Latvians being arrested without warrant, loaded onto railway freight carriages and deported to the far east to join their leaders in frost-bitten death camps, or they were just outright murdered in their homeland. This left the blood-soaked nation leaderless — until the onset of the preemptive German mobilization of Operation Barbarossa against the Soviet aggression toward the west — who arrived in Latvia on Sunday June 22, 1941 and, finally arrived at Riga on July 1, 1941. They were welcomed as Liberators by the Latvian people, who then turned their suffering into revenge against many of the Jewish occupiers….but they are now referred to as ‘Pro-Nazi Sympathisers and Collaborators’ by the victors.
What the Jews did in Latvia is the same modus operandi they used in Poland in 1939, orchestrating the slaughter of ethnic Germans in the Danzig Corridor — which ultimately caused the Germans to invade to put a stop to it.
Latvia: Year of Horror 1940 — if you can stomach it — graphically details the utter blood-thirsty savagery of the Jewish Bolsheviks in Latvia — with plenty of rare — and never-seen-before photos — of the killing fields.
And as this book rightly points out, the Germans were welcomed by the Latvians as liberating heroes — who spared them from further murder and cruelty under the Jewish Bolsheviks.

Under these circumstances, it would be patently absurd for the Latvians not to help the Germans rout out these Jewish traitors who had sold out their people to the Soviet butchers.

And as this book rightly points out, the Germans were welcomed by the Latvians as liberating heroes — who spared them from further murder and cruelty under the Jewish Bolsheviks.
And for this act of self-preservation and justice, the Jews have demanded millions in compensation for the last 30 years — since the fall of communism in 1992 — because they knew they’d never get one red cent out of the communists who understood the cynical game the Jews played.
Declassified documents from the British Information Ministry reveal that the Jews fabricated the “Holocaust” genocide accusations against the Germans to cover up — and distract the public from — their own butchery and mass murder under the fog of war — Latvia and the Katyn Forest Massacre are prime examples of this.


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