Saturday 3 February 2024

'It’s not just the Muslim areas … white liberal voters as well.'

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‘The Israel/Palestine stuff is destroying Labour’

“To date, there has been precious little sign that [Keir] Starmer’s steady backing of Israel and refusal to call for a ceasefire has unduly harmed his electoral chances.

“But a large number of both Tory and Labour MPs now believe that below the surface a major shift of opinion is under way.

“One that could significantly impact – if not completely derail – Labour’s election drive.”

“‘Labour is haemorrhaging votes in its Muslim areas,’ one Tory backbencher [said].

“‘The Israel/Palestine stuff is destroying them …’

“A Labour MP despondently agreed.

“‘It’s not just the Muslim areas … Starmer’s Israel/Gaza policy is hurting us with our white liberal voters as well.

“‘People are pointing to Galloway but wait and see what starts to happen with the Greens and the Lib Dems.

“‘They’re looking at the pictures coming out of Gaza and can’t understand why we’re not speaking out against it’ …”


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