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Where is Kate Middleton really?


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Apparently, Jimmy Savile believed that his father, Vincent, had been an illegitimate and unacknowledged relation of the aristocratic Savile family — the Earls of Mexborough — and the Jewish Raphaels, originally from Armenia. While living in Leeds, in the Jewish district of Roundhay, the ‘Mossad’ disc jockey and BBC presenter committed a significant percentage of his crimes against children.

Catherine Middleton’s father, Michael, was born in Leeds in 1949 into a wealthy family with connections to the landed gentry.

He spent his early years in the Moortown section of Leeds, part of the city’s historically Jewish district.

Moortown adjoins Jimmy Savile’s Roundhay.

“The Middleton family … had played host to members of the British royal family in Leeds from the 1920s”

Jimmy Savile’s friend Prince Philip ‘knew Michael Middleton’s father’

“Prince Philip … elected to fly many of the journeys during the tour himself with Peter Middleton … as co-pilot.”

Photo: Captain Peter Middleton with Prince Philip in 1962

Attention-deficit disorder (ADD) and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) “are the most commonly diagnosed disorders in sexually abused children”

“The link between Dyslexia and child abuse is too large to be a coincidence”

“Childhood sexual abuse is an important early stressor that may predispose individuals to adult-onset Depression”

James Middleton “was 13 and had just started at Marlborough College when his eldest sister began dating Prince William …

“Privately, he was also doing battle with dyslexia and attention deficit disorder (ADD) …

James Middleton “was so depressed that he couldn’t even talk to his family …

“Eventually, he took himself to a private psychiatric hospital for a consultation, where he was asked if he was having suicidal thoughts …

“So I said, ‘Well, actually, yes …’”


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