Saturday 3 February 2024


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In the latest update on the wars from Simplicius, there were two surprising but very hopeful stories, citing sources -

One is that the USA is suddenly putting huge pressure on Israel to end the Gaza war, implement a genuine Palestinian state including the West Bank and Gaza, and compel the relocation of perhaps 200,000 Israeli settlers out of West Bank regions as a necessary part of this.

Another is that a purported possible Ukraine coup against Zelensky led by General Zaluzhny and allies, involves back-door negotations with Russia to end the conflict altogether.

As the USA is the major funder of both wars, they can possibly get these things done; the question is why the US government would suddenly do so.

A reason might be the increasingly-menaced dollar. If the USA were to manage ending these two wars quickly, it would do a great deal to restore US prestige and that of the US dollar with it.



At 4 February 2024 at 00:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also unusual / hopeful -

'Sinn Fein's Michelle O'Neill to become Northern Ireland First Minister

Party says united Ireland 'within touching distance''

Once Ireland is re-united ... Scotland can look at things again too

'Paul McCartney - Give Ireland Back to the Irish'


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