Monday 1 January 2024


Wes Streeting (Rosette)

There is a fear that the UK's Health Service will be sold to rich Zionists.

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Labour’s health spokesman touts IDF-linked health firm

Lord Mandelson’s protégé, shadow health secretary Wes Streeting, namechecks Israeli military-linked firm as an example of successful private involvement in the NHS

‘Streeting previously visited the same firm in Israel on a junket paid for by Labour Friend of Israel’

“… [UK shadow health secretary] Wes Streeting used an Israeli private health data company as [an] example of successful ‘entrepreneurialism’ … in the NHS …

“[Streeting’s plans were reported by the ‘i’ newspaper:]

“‘Labour will encourage the spread of new technologies so private sector innovators have a clearer route to get their product into the NHS … The best example … is where you’ve got a company … which works really well on the NHS.

“‘There’s an example of … home kidney tests made by which were first sold into the NHS in 2021’ …

“ is owned and run by Yonatan Adiri, former Chief Technology Officer for [Israel] and an adviser to then-Israeli PM Shimon Peres.

“Just two months ago … [Adiri compared] Hamas to ISIS and [discussed] the use of technology by intelligence services to defeat [Hamas] …

“… Wes Streeting [did not] pull the name out of a hat without knowing the company’s links.

“In May 2022 … Streeting visited Israel on [Labour Friends of Israel’s] dime, and LFI said ahead of the trip that:

“‘Streeting will also visit, a tech provider for the NHS and Boots’ …

“… [Jewish News] confirmed that the visit went ahead …”


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