Monday 1 January 2024

Weapons - to sustain their wealth and power.

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American-Israeli anthropologist: ‘We’re all being Palestinized’

“… [Why are world leaders] allowing Israel to get away with mass killing?

Jeff Halper, an American-Israeli anthropologist … has a clear answer …

“Halper [says] we are in danger of ‘all being Palestinized’ … by [a global elite] who are adopting ever more repressive measures in an attempt to sustain their wealth and power.”

“Israel is revered precisely for its mastery of population-control techniques against the Palestinians, which many leaders want to emulate against … groups within their own borders.

“Part of Israel’s ace in the hole, according to Halper, is its development of a formidable weapons industry that allows it to supply high-tech weapons to countries around the world for the purpose of population control.

“Israel is at the cutting edge in the development of surveillance satellites, weaponized and surveillance drones, Artificial Intelligence (AI) target identification systems, spyware gadgets and crowd control and cyberwarfare technologies, which it sells around the world.

“Israel additionally provides training to police and military forces and supplies mercenaries …

“Because of their heavy reliance on Israeli military aid, many countries may make a show of criticizing certain Israeli excesses but do nothing to impede them …

“[There are a] huge number of countries to which Israel sells weapon systems …[including dictatorships] … like Equatorial Guinea and Myanmar.

“Israel is also China’s number two arms supplier and the top supplier to India …

“Additionally, Israel is a supplier of arms to South Korea, Brazil, Russia, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Uganda, Turkey and Azerbaijan …

“The Occupied Territories have functioned as a laboratory for testing new weapons and counterinsurgency techniques by Israel, which collaborates closely with the US military …”


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