Saturday 13 January 2024

'Autonomy from China - stay separate' party.


Unknown commented -

The Taiwan election resulted in a major win for the 'autonomy from China - stay separate' party led by William Lai Ching-te, currently Taiwan's Vice-President.

"Beijing is not happy, having immediately issued a rebuke after having urged the populace not to vote for him"

Sad that most political discourse ignores the simple fact of people on a large island wishing to go their own way and keep things in their own style.

Taiwanese have made their home of 23 million a pleasant, distinctive place to live in or to visit ... why can't they just stay that way?

Although Taiwanese wish to keep good relations with their fellow Chinese, exchange lots of business and travel and so on ... nontheless they don't want to be ordered around and 're-made' under Beijing's surveillance-heavy, centrally-controlled government.

Especially painful, is seeing how many anti-NATO, anti-Western pundits, so eager to have Beijing as an anti-Western 'champion', ignore the self-determination wishes of the Taiwanese ... these pundits jump through hoops to justify 'Greater China', and pretend that it is ok to ignore what Taiwanese want for themselves

Western neo-cons seem mostly interested in an excuse to provoke China, without really caring for Taiwan's self-determination, just as they don't care about self-determination in Palestine, Donbass or many other places, Scotland, Catalonia, Kurdistan etc

Self-determination for everyone, Article 1 of the UN Charter ... still a good idea



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