Friday 12 January 2024


Ofra Haza

It looks 'small' on the map relative to nearby countries, but Yemen has a large population, 34 million, nearly as many as Saudi Arabia's 37 million

Yemen is thus the 6th most populous country in the Middle East, its citizens heavily armed, it cannot be easily defeated

Yemen has had civil conflict and divided governments for some decades, recently the Houthis in one part, and 'recognised Yemen' in the other part

But conflict is being put aside now in the minds of Yemenis, with the Houthi actions against Israel inspiring the 'Arab street' everywhere. 

Yemeni S Al Mesiri tweets:

'Our disagreement with Al-Houthi will not make us Zionists
We will put an end to all our mistakes and unite for what comes next
Our rifles are alongside Houthi rifles.

We support all options for responding to American-British aggression
We bear the full consequences of supporting Palestinians'


There is an immense tragedy in how Zionism ended good relations between Arabs and local, indigenous, often darker-skinned Jews, living together for centuries, these peoples often not distinguishable except by clothing

A notable Yemeni Jewess was beautiful singer Ofra Haza (1957-2000), a great talent who faced discrimination in Israel for her darker-skin Arab looks.

This clip of her is from 1970s Israeli television - note the sort of 'hippie' setting - Ofra Haza just turning 18, and singing 'Im Nin'Alu', a 1600s poem by Rabbi Shalom Shabazi set to music

Quite lovely, 2min34



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