Tuesday 26 December 2023

What it feels like after being dead

Incredibly, Canaday was discharged from the ICU after only nine days - and she said that once her memory returned she realized her mindset was radically different after the cardiac arrest

Lauren Canaday, from Virginia, has explained what it  feels like to be dead (before being resuscitated) - and how it changed her 

Interview with Newsweek.

As she began to recover, Canaday said she found overwhelming joy in small moments, eg. taking a shower or eating a hospital cheeseburger.

'None of the worries I used to have mattered. Things just felt very simple,' she said.

'I feel like this is my second life,' Canaday added. 'I feel like I have two birthdays.

'In my first life, I was very individualistic and strong. In this life, I have a completely different worldview ...

'A lot of stuff like status and career success don't matter beyond survival needs, creature comforts, and helping others (now).'


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