Monday 25 December 2023

CRAIG MURRAY: I have left the UK

Unknown commented -

CRAIG MURRAY: I have left the UK

‘Expect more propaganda, 
fake terrorist plots, 
false flag actual terrorism, 
and agent provocateur led terrorism’

“I have left the country because I fear I am officially ‘under investigation’ under the Terrorism Act and I fear I shall be arrested and placed in jail for two years awaiting trial …

“We are [seeing] … a replay of the ‘War on Terror’ state Islamophobic propaganda.

“Do you remember the famous ‘ricin plot’ where the ricin found was the trace level to be found in every kitchen?

“The British government kept it Top Secret for two years that there was in fact no ricin.

“Or the non-existent Easter Bomb Plot, where the ‘ingredient of improvised explosives’ found turned out to be a bag of sugar? …

“… [We] are in for a period of more propaganda, fake terrorist plots, false flag actual terrorism and agent provocateur led terrorism …”


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