Tuesday 26 December 2023

Migrants - trafficking - Chinese - Romania - Ukraine


Unknown commented- 

French news agency reporting 8 flights into Central America, most certainly for human trafficing purposes


Unknown commented-

 Understand that this year alone 2.5 million illegals entered to US over the southern border. 

This scheme is clearly orchestrated by the power groups behind Zombie-President Biden, claiming an urgent need for 'diversity'.


Alternative media presently stating, that actually 30% of illegals entering from Mexico are originating from China PRC. 

Following news is reporting of a plane load of Indian citizens, which were reluctantly intercepted by French officials, on their way to Nicaragua. It is clear to everybody, these people intended onward travel on ground to enter the US illegally. 



Despite the Romanian registered aircraft shows no livery and the flight had to file a flight plan for the entire journey (which was certainly monitored by US authorities), the US government is not reported to be behind the stopping of the flight.. 

Legend Airways seems to be one of the newly formed airlines in Romania.

 Strongly assuming most are set-up to facilitate the flow of 'Israeli pilgrims for Uman in Ukraine' via the Moldavian hub of Chisinau, all under the title 'building the Heavenly New Jerusalem'.


At 27 December 2023 at 01:25 , Blogger Anon said...

At 27 December 2023 at 00:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Panama is the main hub for the flood of illegal immigrants and invaders being transported to the US.

No doubt there will be a US equivalent of Serco handling the flow of flotsam into the US.

Allegedly, 'Serco is the agency that runs the illegal migrant and fake refugee program in the UK on behalf of the UK government.'

The media talk of 'Mr Big' or human trafficking as though it is an 'at arms length' cottage industry, 'when in fact the only human trafficking into this country is almost exclusively by the government itself.'

At 27 December 2023 at 04:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 'human trafficking' and migration agendas are in part a cover for child trafficking

As people are noting, a great number of children accompanied by no one else than NGO 'guides', are being brought into the USA, or also Europe ... and simply 'disappearing', handed over by the NGO 'guides' to shadowy persons who promise to 'take care of them'

There is huge funding for the NGOs by wealthy elites ... and the NGO 'staff' get the privilege of being paid in a non-dreary 'job' which also pretends to be 'engaged in virtuous humanitarianism' ... these NGO staffers, having what is a 'dream job' for young leftists, convince themselves 'not to see' what is actually happening

These NGO staffers say and half-believe they are 'helping children' ... but they are bringing children into monstrous horrors


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