Saturday 11 November 2023

Theroux, Savile, Israel, mother

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Louis Theroux and Jimmy Savile's friendship

“Louis Theroux was 'groomed' by Jimmy Savile into a … relationship after the pair struck a bond during the filming of Louis' 2000 documentary, When Louis Met Jimmy.

“The two men became 'friendly' … to the point that Louis even invited the evil paedophile to come stay with him.

“And they remained on such good terms that the following year, in 2001, they met up for further filming …

“He has since admitted feeling guilty he didn't do more to bring Savile to justice ….”


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Jimmy Savile's relationship with his mother, 'the Duchess'

“When paedophile Jimmy Savile's mother died he spent five days with her body, which was housed in an open casket for what he called 'The best five days of his life' …

“ … Savile … transformed the flat in Scarborough, which he shared with her until she died in 1972, into a creepy shrine …

“… ‘We had marvellous times but when she was dead she was all mine, for me’ [he said] …

“[Savile] maintained her bedroom in the same state for the next 39 years until he perished …

“… [He once] called her the 'only true love' of his life …

“Journalist Dan Davies … wrote how Savile said there had been ‘no tactile affection’ during his childhood, and that he had to learn ‘how to enjoy her’ …”

The Zionist intelligence operative, child trafficker, necrophiliac, rapist and pedophile thought it was a great lark to call his mother ‘the Duchess’.

Clearly, he understood his late father Vincent to have been an unacknowledged (illegitimate) relation of the aristocratic Savile family — the Earls of Mexborough — on whose original land the streets he lived on were built.

If this is correct, then Vincent Savile’s wife (‘the Duchess’) and their son, Jimmy, were kin of the aristocratic Saviles — the Earls and Countesses of Mexborough.

And, moreover, kin to the ‘Jewish’ Raphael dynasty originally from Armenia.

Could Jimmy Savile’s being a ‘secret Jewish’ Raphael explain the disc jockey’s devotion to the Jewish community and the ultra Zionist agenda?

And did John RAPHAEL Wentworth Savile, 7th Earl of Mexborough, and a Captain in the Intelligence Corps of the British Army, confide the family’s alleged ‘Jewish secret’ to Jimmy Savile ?

… as well as secrets of the family’s work for the British and/or Israeli intelligence community, or faction(s) thereof?


At 11 November 2023 at 11:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most likely Mossad got hold of Savile's perversions and put him under total blackmail with huge rewards for promoting the Zionist agenda?


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