Monday 30 October 2023

The bought-and-paid-for politicians


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CRAIG MURRAY: ‘Societal breakdown’

“The bought-and-paid-for politicians intone ‘Israel’s right to self-defence’ as justifying the slaughter of any number of Palestinian children …

“Here is a reminder of how it works. Joan Ryan MP secretly filmed talking to Shai Masot of the Israeli Embassy in London

The mainstream media “pump out their propaganda as though we have no other access to information or understanding of what is happening.

“More than that, there seems to be a presumption that the general population harbour the same Zionist assumptions which the journalists are paid to promote. Well, we don’t. It feels like something has snapped, not only in Palestine but in the UK and much of Europe, where the process of alienation between the governed and the ruling classes has been accelerated …

“There are key moments in societal breakdown, and this is one.”


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