Monday 30 October 2023

'Reported by Haaretz'


Unknown commented on "Israel Lobby Doesn't Want Al Jazeera to Spill its Secrets"

31 October - reported by Haaretz & Jewish sources - 

IDF gathered the bodies of dead Hamas piled them up and incinerated them. 

Then filmed them posted them online saying these were desecrated Israeli bodies killed by Hamas. 



The Hellfire missiles used destroyed buildings - Hamas did not have the fire power to do that. Only Hellfire missiles. See:


Also not in MSM in Australia - another Jewish occupation of Grand Central Station NOT IN OUR NAME CEASE FIRE NOW.. see & hear the great Jews of this world.


At 31 October 2023 at 13:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Skip the sit ins, marches and theater. Its WW3 we face if we dont stop this NOW. Go to sources of POWER! Sit in front of ADL, AIPAC, ZOA, BNAI BRITH offices. THAT is where the decisions are being made, not at the middle men Congress puppets. go to the TOP!

At 31 October 2023 at 14:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

'The number of children reported killed in just three weeks in Gaza is more than the number killed in all armed conflict globally—across more than 20 countries—over the course of a whole year, for the last three years.

Children make up more than 40% of the 7,703 people killed in Gaza ... With a further 1,000 children reported missing in Gaza assumed buried under the rubble, the death toll is likely much higher.

Since October 7, more than 3,257 children have been reported killed, including at least 3,195 in Gaza, 33 in the West Bank, and 29 in Israel, according to the Ministries of Health in Gaza and Israel respectively.

It is reported that at least 6,360 children in Gaza have also been injured, as well as at least 180 children in the West Bank, and at least 74 children in Israel.

The risk of children dying from injuries has never been higher, with the UN reporting that a third of hospitals across the Gaza Strip are no longer operational due to electricity cuts and a “total siege” by the Government of Israel blocking entry of goods such as fuel and medicine.

According to Médecins Sans Frontiers/Doctors without Borders, resulting anaesthesia shortages have meant amputating children without pain relief.

Save the Children calls for an immediate ceasefire.'

At 1 November 2023 at 01:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

3 Wars to Flatten the curve. Sorry for the reference to COVID.

Too late though. It's coming, it's here and Friday is probably the official start date.

At 2 November 2023 at 20:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait, what is Friday the start date of? This concerns me.


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