Sunday 15 October 2023



Anonymous -

'Before Pearl Harbor the majority of the American public supported neutrality and non intervention. 

'The Roosevelt Administration and British intelligence worked behind the scenes and outside of the law to bring the US into WW2.'

'In September 1944, John T. Flynn published a 46-page booklet entitled The Truth about Pearl Harbor, arguing that Roosevelt and his inner circle had been plotting to provoke the Japanese into an attack on the U.S. and thus provide a reason to enter the war since January 1941.[3][4]

'Several writers, including journalist Robert Stinnett,[5] retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Robert Alfred Theobald,[6] and Harry Elmer Barnes[7] have argued that various parties high in the government of the United States and the United Kingdom knew of the attack in advance and may even have let it happen or encouraged it in order to ensure America’s entry into the European theatre of World War II via a Japanese–American war started at "the back door".[8][9][10]'


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