Monday 2 October 2023

KIDS UNITED – Les lacs du Connemara (SARDOU et nous…)


At 2 October 2023 at 17:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fergie said to shop while World Trade Center burned

"Not everybody got misty-eyed when Sarah Ferguson discussed 9/11 on the morning shows last week. The ever-reducing royal went on ABC’s 'Good Morning America' and CBS' 'The Early Show' to promote her new children’s book, 'Little Red’s Christmas Story,' about children facing their fears.

"The book features Little Red, the doll that launched her charity Chances for Children, an organization that had office space at Cantor Fitzgerald in the twin towers.

"After the towers were destroyed, the doll was found in the rubble by a firefighter.

"The redheaded duchess told 'The Early Show's' Hannah Storm that, 'On Sept. 11, on that dreadful day, [Little Red] was sitting in the window of the World Trade Center.

”But the day after – 9/12 – as dust and death filled lower Manhattan, Fergie had other things on her mind, a source tells us.

"Like ordering perfume lamps from a store in the West Village and asking that they be immediately shipped to England.

"Clary & Co. is a charming boutique on Bleecker St. that’s a favorite with Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwyneth Paltrow. Because of the horror a few blocks away, the shop wasn’t open, but our source was in the shop: 'My friend had left keys to her apartment in there. I [needed them] to help save her cats as she was stuck out of town.

”As smoke from the still-burning rubble billowed through the street, the phone rang. 'I thought it was my friend,' says our insider. '[Instead, it] was an assistant for Tommy Hilfiger, and she said the duchess was a guest at his house in Connecticut, and she had fallen in love with the Lampe Bergers and wanted half a dozen of them, along with two cases of the perfume.

"'Not only that, they wanted it shipped that day, to England. I said, 'Don’t you know what is happening?!'"


At 2 October 2023 at 17:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Fergie and her benefactor Howard Lutnick, the CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald (Jeffrey Epstein's next-door-neighbor) both "miraculously cheated death" one day prior to the duchess' reported shopping spree [see news report above], when both "by chance" failed to arrive as scheduled in their adjoining offices in the World Trade Center the day of the attacks.

Fergie's offices in the WTC had been donated to her by Lutnick in his role as CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald.

But in this period, the royal Yorks weren't 'only' being courted by the Lutnicks, next-door-neighbors of Jeffrey Epstein.

In fact, the Yorks were also being assiduously wined and dined by Sir Evelyn and Lynn de Rothschild: the British-American aristocrats with residences at the River House in New York, as well as in Martha's Vineyard, London, and England's Home Counties.

And, in England, the royal Yorks were also being showered with attention by that great and loyal friend of all de Rothschilds and Rothschilds (in both British branches of that illustrious family): Lord Peter Mandelson;

Finally, the royal Yorks were "feeling the love", in this period, from a further two friends of the de Rothschilds' and Mandelson --

one, a New Yorker named "Jeffrey Epstein";

And the other, an Oxford woman named Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of a reputed Mossad asset.

In light of the above, it is interesting to note that Tommy Hilfiger -- who, according to the news report above, put up Fergie at his home in Connecticut the day after she and her friend Lutnick cheated death on 9-11 -- "supports charities dedicated to underprivileged youth".

How kind.

That could put Thomas Jacob Hilfiger in the same category as fellow "children's champions" Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew (NSPCC, Chances for Children, Children in Crisis, Street Child); Howard Lutnick and Cantor Fitzgerald (bankrolling Fergie's kids charities, as well as supporting kids orphaned by the Sept. 11 atrocity); Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild (a past director of Outward Bound, the charity that also boasted directors including Jimmy Savile); Peter Mandelson (the keen NSPCC patron who persuaded Prince Andrew to get involved in helping kids -- while himself finding time to join Epstein for business and social meetups across 3 different countries); and Ghislaine Maxwell (fund raising for Cantor Fitzgerald at Stowe School with Dr. Anthony Wallersteiner, the son of Robert Maxwell's business partner; and attending an NSPCC gala; as well as supporting kids' charities in her adopted city of New York).

One wonders if Fergie and Hilfiger still reminisce about "shopping for lamps" the day after 2,996 people -- reportedly including Lutnick's brother, Gary, and all 658 employees of Cantor Fitzgerald who were present at the office -- were murdered in cold blood.

At 2 October 2023 at 17:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jenean Chapman -- Sarah Ferguson's Personal Assistant in New York, from 2001-2005



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