Sunday 1 October 2023

Is Macron the son of David de Rothschild?

Anonymous -

Michelle Toussaint asks -

Is Emmanuel Macron the son of David de Rothschild?

Has he lied about his own identity and the identity of his spouse?

The French ought to know!

Michelle Toussaint@ToussMichelle

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At 2 October 2023 at 17:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wikispooks (spook is a spy) doesn't believe he is the son of David - the similarity is amazing though?? see: "Several media sources began reporting that Trump was keeping documents, & plain intelligence reports for blackmail purposes, naming Emmanuel Macron as an example Trump named." Also: "When Emmanuel Macron told friends in 2008 he was joining Rothschild, the prestigious investment bank, the then 30-year-old civil servant was warned it could scupper a future career in politics. "You're conscious that banking is not any kind of job? And Rothschild not any kind of bank?" said one friend to the man who, nine years later, would become frontrunner in France's presidential election."


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