Monday 9 October 2023

Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson faces a backlash for urging Netanyahu to 'Give 'em hell'

A user remarked: "This pseudo-intellectual fraud ... goes on X and encourages ethnic cleansing of men looking to liberate their country from illegal occupation. The hypocrisy."


At 9 October 2023 at 22:53 , Blogger Anon said...

Right before his appearance on "the msm " bandwagon" it was OBVIOUS that this guy was a zionist stooge.He has of course made the obligatory homage/trip to Israel.Something he has in common with ... Katy 'Opkins and Tommy Robinstein.
The ABC main newsreader (a jew) has flown to Israel to present the news,thereby giving up all pretence of impartiality (like all main networks in America,it is owned by global jewry.
Word has got around about this fact...but you're dealing with Americans who have been dumbed down.
In Europe the media networks have to be more devious by including minority suggest impartiality....often minority presenters are crypto jews who have some jewish ancestry.
You Tube is actively hunting down commenter who don't go along with approved comments.Then you get one of the jews warning notifications....meaning to don't make similar comments or get banned.
We're entering USSR times where the jews had total control.(ignore the lie that Stalin was not a jew.(Incidently Stalin was a Georgian crypto jew who ordered that the USSR be the FIRST country in the world to recognise the new state of Israel 1948......


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