Wednesday 25 October 2023


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Carl Beech wedding. commented on "UK's starving kids"


Interesting article in this months Herald News

One of the men who wanted to testify for Carl Beech, but was not allowed to, has died apparently of natural causes; 

Heart trouble was expected to be the cause but it did not stop him playing football on sunday.

When Carl Beech made his statements about a london boys brothel attended by politicians and high flyers; it was met with outrage

And Carl Beech claims of massive child abuse rings meant the police started Operation Midand, a huge investigation which some how missed 1500 girls some under age being abused on a daily basis across the north of England, and some according to Abdul Hussien going into Kebabs.

Police totally missed them, so how thorough was the investigation ?

Carl Beech was stitched up and sentenced to 18 years for lying.

This story really begins in the year 2000 when Norfolk postmaster living near the Kings Lynn hospital Fred Seeman was caught fiddling the books, the police searched his house and large garage and found a printing press where Filthy Fred as he was known was printing a magazine with naked often under age boys in, he was a minister in the local Evangelical church and ran several young boys activities.

The police took his massive mailing list that the magazine was sent out to and found many names of politicians pop stars BBC DJs and others.

Because of the high level of these people it was decided to take no action, these were very big people, and every one was later named and accused by Carl Beech.

How did he know if he was making it up ?

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