Sunday 29 October 2023

Bloody Dolls

Israel-Palestine war: 

Settlers threaten West Bank children with bloody dolls.

The dolls, left at a vandalised Bedouin school, and leaflets warning of a 'major Nakba' are part of a series of escalating attacks by Israeli settlers since the start of the war

Israeli settlers left dolls at the entrance of the Arab Al-Kaabna School after vandalising it 

Residents in the Bedouin community are repeatedly attacked as settlers aim to displace residents and seize their lands.

 27 October 2023 

Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank have distributed threatening leaflets on cars and left bloodied dolls at schools, warning Palestinians to leave or be killed.

"By God, we will descend upon your heads with a great catastrophe soon. You have the last chance to escape to Jordan in an organised manner," said one leaflet circulated on Friday in the West Bank city of Salfit.

"After that, we will destroy every enemy and forcefully expel you from our holy land … Load your bags immediately and leave wherever you came from. We are coming."

The leaflet also warned of a new "major Nakba", referencing the 1948 displacement of 750,000 Palestinians from their homeland.

In the occupied Al-Ma'rajat area near Jericho, dolls covered in red paint, ostensibly to look like blood and scare young students, were left at the entrance of a school after settlers vandalised it.


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