Sunday 12 November 2023

Algeria Fanon

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Am seeing it suggested that Algeria's independence win against colonial France is the model for Palestine to win now.

France also thought Algeria was 'France', their 'ancient lands', the French there since the 1830s. France had everything, all the power, even 'nuclear weapons' starting in 1960, which some French talked about using against Muslims at the time.

But the waves of Muslim fighters were just too much, and the French hold finally collapsed.

And now we have tens of millions of Muslims ready to give their lives for Palestine, while most Israelis of means have a 2nd passport, quietly knowing that time may run out for 'greater Israel'.

Algeria was where the famous Martinique-born psychiatrist, Frantz Fanon (1925-1961) practiced, documenting the trauma of colonialism in his 'Wretched of the Earth' and other profound books.

Fanon noted how colonialism harms the minds of the occupier as well as the occupied. He also spoke of how one shouldn't over-romanticise the victims, as their trauma leads not only to violence against the occupier, but sometimes to bursts of anger at others generally. Fanon also spoke of how the 'coloniser mentality' haunted post-colonial governments, their corruption and poor conduct another lingering result of colonisation.


At 12 November 2023 at 08:24 , Blogger llifthrasir said...

The Algeria conflict started by a french jew who insulted the ruler. Which mandates a reaction, which the ruler lost. Algeria not colonized it became France. Maroc was colonized. Interesting is the alleged GIA attacks. Algerian soldiers high on drugs dressed up as muslims with beards etc and slaughtered civilians in the most heinous gruesome ways. One of them became a whistleblower and wrote a book. Took that to France. Noone even interested. Many months later a small publication in MSM that the Algerian government had been complicit in killing civilians. Also interesting are the 200 Algerians demonstrating in France and pushed into the Seine, unable to swim, most drowned. No saving. Another interesting thing. The Netherlands forbidden by President Chirac to give asylumpermits to Algerians to leave that to France, the archenemy. Of course without informing those algerian asylumseekers. Some staying in the procedure for over a decade. Some in the end allowed to stay under the Pardon arrangement. Not the same for a proud muslim Algerian who wants to be acknowledged for being right. Psychdrugs moved in, diagnosing him to suffer PTSD due to the asylumprocedure. Not intergenerational trauma due to his father being in a Prison in Marseille for 8 years condemned to death through the guillotine. France never apologized. Horrific warcrimes were committed by the French. Rapes, cutting babies out of pregnant women and footballing with those, waterboarding etc. etc


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