Monday 2 October 2023

Afterlife | Raymond Moody


At 2 October 2023 at 15:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prof. Harry Oldfield described me as an 'involuntary medium'. Until then I didn't know what was happening nor how. Perception is subjective based on one's unique experiences throughout life. Belief is the same. Skeptics have not had personal life changing experiences. If they had been through what I have they would no longer be skeptics. Extortion 17 murders, Carlton Bartel's murder & the prior information as to who was behind MH370 and where it went BEFORE it 'disappeared'. All on record. So accurate have I been that a witness was sitting in the same room when 2 former MI6 agents spoke with me via my computer FB phone and asked me 'how do you do what you do? Your FB is 99% accurate..." "Specifically we thought you were very brave on day one to say the MH370 went to Pine Gap. How did you do that? We have only just found out you were right." Most of these contacts have continued on over the years. It's always bought to my attention by 'whoever it is out there' if some new proof of what I said has arisen. Houdini did correctly pick that Mrs Arthur Conan Doyle was a fake medium, but in his pursuits he overlooked the genuine cases - those who seek no fame nor any fortune. Those who prefer to remain anonymous.


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