Thursday 14 September 2023

New comment on 'Dr Guthrie's Schools'


Anonymous has left a new comment on 'Dr Guthrie's Schools ':

Just to let everyone know that in Scotland, a so-called child abuse charity, which campaigns in the Scottish newspapers on behalf of child abuse victims, and which also works in partnership with the government-funded Future Pathways and provides counselling to survivors of child abuse, is also taking money from an institution that is being investigated by the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry. 

Now any sane person would think this couldn't be true, but it is, and no one in power in Scotland seems to care.

Take a look at the Dr Guthries Association accounts for the year ending 2022.

These people have not apologised to any of the survivors of Dr Guthrie's schools and refuse to take responsibility for any abuse that occurred in Dr Guthrie's schools. They have spent £44,000 on legal fees but have also given £2,000 to the Moria Anderson Foundation "maf".


Imagine going to counselling because you are suffering from child abuse and the very people who are counselling you are taking money from the very institution that abused you.

I've contacted the SNP Justice Secretary and been ignored. I contacted the opposition Tory Justice Secretary and was ignored. I contacted Nicky Campbell, a BBC journalist who happens to be an abuse survivor, and he ignored me. 

Dave Sharp, another so-called spokesman for child abuse survivors, deleted my comment on Twitter.

Is it normal for a child abuse charity, especially one that works for Future Pathways and counsels abuse victims, to take money from an institution that abused children and is supposedly under investigation by the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry?


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